The Preferred Seat

By Tommy Wee

It sounds rather self-serving as an opinion, but the heart of any living room has to be the actual furniture I’m resting on.

You can probably infer that I’m a sedentary animal at home, and you’re not wrong there. But it cannot make more sense.

When it comes to definitive home décor, some will vouch for the choice of art hanging on the walls, the statement rug, or the designer lighting that sets the mood, but building a great living room, to me, requires that you begin with the centerpiece in the space – the sofa.

Physically, a sofa is usually the most commanding presence in the room. It’s a big item, one that you perch on to appreciate the rest of the house.

It’s where you kick off your shoes and prop up dreams of the weekend. It’s where planning starts for the long overdue beach holiday. It’s where laughter echoes through the house. It’s where you decompress, and, if you’re like me, eventually fall asleep.

All things considered, the Osaka Sofa from BoConcept appeals on many levels. For starters, it’s terribly photogenic from every angle, which means there won’t be an unflattering photo on Instagram. It is a well stitched, amply padded beauty.

Neither as formal as a Chesterfield nor as “farmville” as an English sofa, the Osaka Sofa is comfy as it is elegant. Created by Danish designer Anders Nørgaard, the Osaka Sofa’s modular structure encourages customisation to fit your personality.

Streamlined and unfussy, the Osaka Sofa comes with a choice of sexy aluminium, oak or walnut legs. Thanks to its astute design, the sensible seating depth won’t leave you looking like a curled up ball of thread. Once you’ve concluded where you stand between “refined hipster” and “trendsetter”, you can decide between having straight or inclined armrests.

Select from a host of quality fabrics, leathers and tufted seats to complement even the most ambitious themes. Whether you’re going for urban classic, earthy modern or contemporary elegance, the Osaka Sofa works like Edward Norton to Michael Keaton’s Birdman – it’s essential to the mood, but it won’t steal the show.

It’s a great sectional sofa for lounging and entertaining (when you feel like it), and simple resting. It establishes where the family gathers, and it sets the tone of the room. You won’t need to sit on this decision.