Make Great Impressions With These 5 Party Gifts

Heading to someone’s home for dinner but tired of handing over the thoughtless bottle of red? Try these BoConcept ideas for creating remarkably different impressions.

Living iPad Holder (Air, Air2) $68

It’s always fun to receive a gift that – at first sight – makes you wonder what it is. This simple block of light marble stirs those conversations. By the time the recipient understands its beautiful purpose, the huge emotional payoff is sealed. Just imagine them coming home and admiring this while browsing Facebook in their downtime. Your work here is done. 

Ball Clock $145

The times, they are a changin’. This classically attractive brass and marble specimen is, well, timelessly elegant. You can put it on the bookshelf as a reference point, or your bathroom table top for inspired prepping in the mornings. Either way, you know your host is going to make lots of room for it.

String Magazine Holder $95

Yes, you’ll need magazines when you are charging your phone. The joy of print magazines lies in its visibility. With this industrial-lite holder, you’ll have organised chaos stacked in the best possible way. Slide it right next to the couch or the coffee table, it’s brain food in a gorgeous column.

Ladder $195

It’d be tricky to wrap this one. But finally, a great piece of equipment you don’t have to hide. Organic in nature, but urban in its black colourway, this adds a point of interest in any home. Plus, what a handsome place to hang bath towels and accessories.

Living Broom and Dust Pan $99

As adorable as this looks, no one can deny its immense utility. This little oak accessory will come in useful for anyone with a love for chips in front of the telly, nachos at the work desk or some creative cooking or gardening. It’s eye candy for getting rid of things that aren’t.