Home Style On A Smart Budget

by Tommy Wee

8 Accessories Under $50

Decorating the crib doesn’t need to be an expensive affair. With the right options from BoConcept, a lot can be achieved without breaking the bank.

Spotty Storage Box, $30

Storage is the word of the day. With these modular black, green and granite iron options no taller than 10cm in height, your personal stationery and cute knick-knacks will always be housed neatly, stylishly.

Cloudy Tealight Holder, $10

The simple act of lighting up a tealight for the evening conveys warmth and coziness. Just in time for the festive celebrations. Find a colour that enhances your home’s. Available in grey, white, peach, and purple glass.

Rolling Flowerpot, $33

These decorative flower pots appear to roll on their sides. If that doesn’t sound adorable, wait till you insert a succulent mini-plant, like a mini aloe kokedama or a mini cactus.

Natural Clay Vase, $10

Few things warm up a cold shelf or dull TV console like a natural element, such as clay. Available in an assortment of grey, white and brown stoneware, these beauties offer the right amount of detail to brighten up favourite corners.

Living Dish, $47

Need a place to rest your keys, thumb drives, or Internet banking dongles? Use a natural and inviting material like wood as a hold-all dish. It adds sophistication without the clutter. Pair them with others to extend storage.

Living Hook, $10

Time to turn your grimy jeans and assorted pyjamas out of sight. Pick them off the floor, hang them on these subtle wooden hooks, and voila, mission accomplished.

Living Tealight Holder, $36

Tealight holders come in all forms, but this beauty elevates the lux factor even in the simplest of homes. With a light green and marble, this is a beautiful way to cast your light.

Soap Bubble Wall Decoration, $33

As cheeky accessories go, this takes the cake for visual effect. Put a few up in your bathroom for good cheer. Used elsewhere, you can transform your bedroom, study or kitchen into a lively soap land.