Let’s Table It

by Tommy Wee

It's one thing to have the perfect beans for artisanal coffee, but how about the perfect coffee table? Whichever way you look at it, a distinctive coffee table is the key to dressing a sophisticated living room.

We'll be honest. A sleek living room coffee table is as much a necessity as it is an inherent vanity.

Forget the coffee for a moment. Is there a better way to set the rewarding glass of whisky, or flute of champagne, down?

We know that mastering the art of relaxation is heaps easier when the complementary centrepiece is a superbly designed.

The BoConcept coffee table embodies the easy freedom to enjoy functionality, craftsmanship and evolved design at the same time.

Customisable with a choice of sizes, colours and brushed steel legs, the Chiva Functional Coffee Table comes with generous built-in storage, and tabletops that can be lifted for better accessibility and comfort. There is no stopping with this timeless design.

Its changeable profile is also what makes the Chiva Functional Coffee Table so unique. Keep the surface flat and functional, or lift one or two tabletops up for inspiringly new dimensions.

It's the antidote to dully functional flat tops.

But go beyond the coffee and alcohol. Lay your books, tablets and favourite tea-time cakes on its oak skin.

With an elegance derived from MDF (medium density fibreboard), tempered white glass and lacquered veneers that provide smooth and long-lasting durability, the Chiva Functional Coffee Table makes a beautiful resting place for your lifestyle musts.