5 Beautiful Dining Chairs Under $600

While critical to the overall furnishing experience, chairs with timeless appeal don’t have to cost you your firstborn. Sure, expensive, big-name makes upholstered with the skin of rare animals are great for statement pieces during parties. But what if you just want something sophisticated and comforting to come home to every day? Here are five beautiful options for under $600.

Adelaide chair

If you think the Adelaide chair looks comfortable, wait till you have spent some time resting in it. Designed around the curves of an acorn, the chair is visually arresting in form, yet inspiring in its versatility. It’s suitable for the study, dining space, or even the outdoor areas.

Drawn by the designer known as Henrik Pedersen, the chair comes with seemingly endless options for customisation. You can add a swivel function, or boost its height with a barstool and gas cartridge if you are looking to stretch the imagination. There are fully upholstered models with espresso oak legs, and a variety of colours to tease the home décor artist in you.

Ottawa chair

Fast becoming a modern classic, this Karim Rashid number is the most interesting thing you can see next to a table, namely because it looks like a stray leave landed on a pyramid of twigs. Bold in its concept but oh-so-comfortable in its seating position, the chair is a winning visual in any home. If you’re into stylish minimalism, the black with chrome legs option will perfectly fit the rest of your monochromatic home.

Zarra chair

Elegantly designed and ubiquitous in its form, the Zarra chair is a back-to-basics number, a great staple to add to any home. It looks perfect whether it’s next to the bookshelf or a high functioning work table. Practical in every nook or corner, its easy form can be perched anywhere. From informal coffee areas to classic dining spaces, this is a hardworking chair for all seasons.

London chair

The London chair epitomises the soul of Scandinavian style and design. Built with a simple sloped seat on top of strong oak legs, this simple model makes for high impact in any creative space. It’s the perfect antithesis to any over-decorated space bursting at the seams with clutter. A chair like this offers clarity, balance and a focus on the task at hand. 

Lausanne chair

Another Henrik Pedersen designed number, the Lausanne chair offers a classic profile crafted with the ergonomics of modern living in mind. A high back and sloped front edge of the seat offer sustained comfort for hours. Built to complement the most contemporary of furniture, the Lausanne comes customisable in frames of steel or wood. Approach with taste.