3 Things In Your Home That Deserve An Upgrade

by Tommy Wee

There are some things we will gladly live with for the rest of our lives. Fond memories, rare photographs of loved ones, and homemade movies of weddings and birthdays come to mind. They’re virtually priceless. For everything else – homeware, accessories, furnishings – it’s worth inspecting to see if its time for an upgrade.

Coffee Table

A coffee table is central to your rest and entertainment. Sure, that flipped over cable wheel may have done wonders for your bearded hipster vibe, but it’s time to graduate to something authentic and smart. The Rubi adjustable table is a dining table that, when lowered, doubles up as an exquisite tabletop. Its high-functionality helps you save lots of space, while adding a dash of sophistication around the living room. 


A reliable armchair is something you can sink your body into and feel immediately relieved. That feeling of utter reward and safety as you sink into it primes you for a favourite mug of coffee, book or Netflix drama. The Imola Chair, available in fabrics and leathers with brushed steel, is a stylish, commanding statement for the home. The chair ultimately rejuvenates while offering an immersive experience.

Wall Storage

Is your bookshelf looking the worse for wear? With all your good intentions of keeping it fully stuffed to the seams with old books and vinyls, perhaps it’s time to relook at elegant storage you can admire. The Meda Wall System lets you customise a shelving experience like no other. Select from among doors, drawers, flip-up- or drop-down fronts in various materials. The system cleverly combines with the Lugano wall system and Como bookcases (with optional lighting) for a personalised solution.