Your own store?



From experience, these are the main competencies required to become a successful BoConcept franchisee:


• Initial investment of 500.000€, including an equity of between 20-30%

• The capacity to open 1-5 Brand Stores within an agreed geographic area 

• Business knowledge and management experience to ensure a good foundation for running a business 

• An understanding that you are a team member of a global brand and that you develop your business according to the concept 

• A positive attitude towards employee involvement

• Willingness to delegate and motivate your employees 

• A personal passion for design, style, and trends - industry experience is not as important as passion 

• Strong leadership and hardworking skills, results oriented, responsibility, creativity, motivation, honesty and open-mindedness

• A desire to provide a high-standard level of customer service in your community 


Steps in becoming a BoConcept franchise partner

Step 1 - Making contact

If you match the BoConcept Franchisee profile and are interested in opening your own BoConcept store and become a member of the chain, please complete the application form below. The application form is then evaluated and you will be notified whether your application has been accepted or not.


Step 2 - Exchange of information

When the application form is accepted, you will have to sign a confidentiality agreement before you meet with the Business Developer for a structured interview, personality profile and further presentation of our concept. If we hereafter decide to continue, intent to proceed fee is paid.


Step 3 - Execution of contract 

A business plan including description of the start-up team, the area, marketing, budget and action plan must be prepared. Budgets are corrected according to final location and approved by BoConcept headquarters. The franchise agreement is signed and entrance fee is paid. Then the project is executed according to our detailed BoConcept Store Opening Process.