BoConcept | 65 + Years of Passion

The BoConcept story started back in 1952, when two gifted Danish craftsmen, Jens Ærthøj-Jensen and Tage Mølholm, decided to open a furniture factory in Herning, Denmark.

Their goal was not only to produce high quality furniture with a great design, but equally important to make the furniture functional and affordable.

Jensen and Mølholm succeeded. Today, BoConcept is Denmark’s most global retail furniture chain with 260+ successful stores in more than 60 countries around the world. 


Our product collection is characterised by its customised and coordinated design, affordable to the urban-minded customer. Our insight into urban life enables us to design furniture and accessories that meet our customers’ interior challenges and need for self-expression. Even at a better price. The concept ensures a co-ordinated look where design, colours and materials always match.


  • BoConcept is a Danish brand of global retail furniture that customizes and designs furniture and accessories according to the needs and dreams of customers.
  • BoConcept is driven by passion and persistence in designing superior furniture, with a mission to make modern design furniture available to the urban-minded customer.
  • BoConcept works with an exciting team of both international and Danish designers dedicated to urban life and functionality, creating beautiful pieces with international appeal.
  • Simplicity and functionality are BoConcept core values.
  • The BoConcept collection is characterized by its customized and coordinated design, affordable to the urban-minded customer and designed to meet customers’ interior challenges and need for self-expression.
  • At BoConcept, customers can make their own choice in design, size, shape, colour and material. Our concept is all about our customers, their homes and their exciting, personal tastes.
  • BoConcept design will not only look great, but work in the everyday life too – the harmony of an interior look that will last for years.


Even at a better price

The majority of our furniture is supplied directly from our factories cutting out the cost of a third party. Our furniture is designed along clean, simple lines and manufactured with carefully selected materials to ensure affordable prices.


One stop shopping - one stop shipping

No matter if the products are produced by a third party supplier or us, we coordinate everything and the products are sent as one order to a Brand Store, Inspiration Store or Studio. This unique supply chain system makes the process more efficient and less time consuming. BoConcept is working with cross docking where all goods in one order are delivered in one unit.


Unique selling tool

For every BoConcept design there is a whole line of unseen possibilities behind it. Our interior decorating software Home Creator helps you to visualise the options for your customers and is essential in helping your customers in their buying decision. All of our Brand Stores, Inspiration Stores and Studios are fitted with a workshop where our customers can see all the individual furniture options being created on screen.




The first BoConcept Brand Store opened in Paris in 1993. All BoConcept Brand Stores are usually situated at high traffic areas or in easy-to-reach central locations.

To ensure the value of the BoConcept brand, our stores have a great store front, with strong visual effects that attract costumers to the store, and the inside consists of multiple must-have areas to secure that the store communicates to the costumer in the most effective way.