Harvard reclinabile con fuzione a batteria, disponibile anche con funzione manuale o elettrica


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A chair that embraces technology. A chair with personality. A chair fit for the 21st century. The Harvard recliner chair is all this and more. With a masculine design, outstanding comfort and the looks to match, the Harvard recliner chair is a modern sanctuary in a high pace urban world. Fitted with a swivel base that turns this chair so seamlessly, you’ll want to take it for a spin. Enter full relaxation mode as the battery-powered reclining back and footrest lets you stretch out completely.
  • Product Details

    Dimensions and weight

    Height: 120 cm
    Width: 77 cm
    Depth: 90 cm
    Seating height: 53 cm
    Armrest height: 65 cm
    Maximum weight load: 125 kg

    Key features

    • Con schienale e poggiagambe regolabili a batteria
    • Poggiatesta regolabile manualmente
    • Dotato di porta usb per una facile ricarica dei dispositivi


    Composition: Pelle corretta, 25% venatura naturale, spesso 1,2mm (in media)
    Gamba/base: acciaio
    Bracciolo: schiuma poliuretanica 16 kg/m3, schiuma poliuretanica 30 kg/m3, imbottitura
    Schienale: schiuma poliuretanica 16 kg/m3, schiuma poliuretanica 22 kg/m3, schiuma poliuretanica 30 kg/m3, imbottitura
    Cornice: Chipboard, solid pine, plywood, hardboard, metal mechanism.
    Seduta: 35kg/m3 HR foam / 45kg/m3 VE foam/ wadding


    Gamba/base: nickel spazzolato



    Assembly instructions

    This product is easy to assemble. Just follow the instructions and we’re sure you can do it without any extra help from us.


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