Home Creator FAQ

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about BoConcept Home Creator.

Q: Can I use keyboard short cuts?
A: Yes. By holding down 'R' a rotation function is activated, which allows you to easily see the furniture from different angles.

Q: How do I remove a module?
A: First click the trash can icon and then click the green dot for the module you wish to remove. When you are done removing modules, click the trash can icon once more to turn it off.

Q: I want to start over. How do I remove the entire piece of furniture?
A: You cannot remove all modules and have a blank slate. Simply choose a new model and start over with that.

Q: I have deleted something by accident. Can I undo?
A: No, there is no undo option in Home Creator at the moment.

Q: I keep deleting modules when I just want to select them! What is happening?
A: The trash can icon is probably still selected. If the icon is yellow, just click it to turn deletion off.

Q: How do I see the actual size of my furniture?
A: Simply click the Furniture measurements icon to see a top-down view including precise measurements.

Q: I am trying to rotate my furniture by clicking and dragging. It doesn't seem to work?
A: To get a different view of your furniture, click the Rotate icon, then click and drag the 3D box to see a view from a different angle.

Q: Can I get a closer look at my furniture?
A: Yes. Click the Acitvate Zoom Mode icon to zoom in close, then click and drag the furniture to see more.

Q: Can I change the view in Zoom Mode?
A: No. First, change the view in Rotate Mode. Then you can activate Zoom Mode and zoom in from the new angle.

Q: Can I print the combination I have made?
A: Yes, go to the menu and choose print.

Q: How do I change the fabric/leather or material on an entire combination?
A: Click the desired fabric/leather, material etc. in the taps below and the entire product will change.

Q: How do I change the fabric/leather or material on a single module?
A: Click the arrow icon and select the module or modules you wish to change, find the desired fabric in the taps below and click it.

Q: How can I save my design?
A: Go to menu and click save (if the save button is not accessible then please contact your nearest store).

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