Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is one of the most creative designers of his generation. His impressive portfolio includes more than 3000 designs in production ranging from furniture and accessories to store designs and luxury goods. To Karim functionality and minimalism is essential but at the same time he wants to move people and create furniture that make people feel at ease. He calls this approach to design 'sensual minimalism'.

The edgy and creative composition of Karim Rashid’s designs make them instantly recognisable. World famous and award winning, Karim is known to be more than a designer of furniture – he is a shaper of human experiences. The designs bring people together through concepts of living and a Karim Rashid design is always functional, flexible and made for you. It’s minimal, it’s sensual, it’s furniture designed to touch people’s emotions. “The object should include a sense of humanity. Something soft that touches you and makes you feel at ease.” The Egyptian-born, Canadian-raised New Yorker is one of the most famous, prolific and awarded designers of his generation.

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Cultural shaper. Artist. Nonconformist. Just some of the tags of world-famous designer Karim Rashid. As we release updates to his award-winning Ottawa collection, we spoke to the world-famous designer.