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5 tips for selecting the perfect sofa

Selecting the right sofa is vital for both your comfort and interior expression. We’ve put together 5 buying tips to help ensure you end up with the perfect sofa.


Living for the sun

Great company, a glass of your favourite wine, a comfortable seat with a view and, of course, some life-affirming sun. It doesn’t have to be a dream - in our new modular balcony and garden sofa system Rome, your outdoor space easily transforms into a luxurious and inviting lounge area – perfect for life in the sun.

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We live in colour

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The rebel without a pause

Cultural shaper. Artist. Nonconformist. Just some of the tags of world-famous designer Karim Rashid. As we release updates to his award-winning Ottawa collection, we spoke to the world-famous designer.


Style your home with beautiful accessories


The perfect home office

Functional and beautiful, the Cupertino desk is an all-you-need-in-one desk that helps you keep tidy and organised.


Make the most out of small spaces

As living spaces seem to shrink but the demands of modern living grow, it can be hard to find balance. The solution? Live smarter, not just smaller.


Northern mood

Every day is unique, just like your home.