Trust, quality and consistency

With a track record spanning over 70 years and worldwide reach, danish design brand BoConcept is a trusted partner for architects and specifiers serving the international contract market.

Modern living room with yellow Chelsea chairs, abstract art, and geometric rug.

With showrooms in 67 countries, BoConcept has already achieved remarkable international market penetration. Over the last ten years though, the Danish design brand has broadened its reach yet further to conquer another market. Formerly known primarily as a retail brand, BoConcept has now also become an impressive performer in the contract sector. What is the strategy behind this expansion and how did it come to position itself among architects, specifiers and developers? The answers are manifold, yet also relatively straightforward.

Since 1952, when BoConcept first started producing wooden cabinets, the company has been continuously eager to serve the market – following contemporary trends, incorporating new technologies and finding innovative ways of building the business. But never at the expense of its heritage, its Danish approach to design and manufacturing. So, what it brings to the market today, more than 70 years later, is a highly tested and proven track record, all grounded in its Danish roots. The company structure and network have grown steadily step by step, meaning that entering new markets and sectors can be done with both confidence and assertiveness. ‘After so many years in the furniture industry, BoConcept offers a certain brand consistency’, explains Michel Baumgart, Commercial Director at BoConcept London.

‘Thanks to the longevity and the expertise we’ve built up, customers trust the brand. Trust doesn’t come easy and it’s something you have to constantly earn, which is also why BoConcept has a dedicated department and strategy for the contract market.’ The London franchise has shown the example by setting up collaborations with important B2B partners in the Build-to-Rent market. ‘We are able to bring design furniture to a market where the price is still highly considered and measured’, says Baumgart, ‘The design factor and the high-quality level delivered at a reasonable cost has been paramount to gain our client’s trust.’

As new ways of living continue to appear – like Build-to-Rent and other forms of short-term rental models such as timeshare – BoConcept has been able to accommodate the needs of developers and architects looking for affordable design furniture and a one-stop solution. This means that every part of the process from sourcing to delivery and installation is taken care of, including after-sales service.

‘What BoConcept offers in one country is the same for any other country which means we can work together with international companies and offer them the same product portfolio and service throughout. Again, it’s the consistency and stability that matters’, affirms Baumgart.

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