Meet Henrik Pedersen

Henrik Pedersen graduated as a fashion designer in 1990 but uses his education to explore the full range of design. His interest for maths together with his wide-ranging experience give him an intuitive ability to quickly gauge if a new design will work or not. 'Experience and knowledge help, but the difference lies in how you use it. Good common sense and a passion for your craft will take you far.'

The luxurious Hampton sofa

Henrik Pedersen has created one of the most luxurious sofas to date, with comfort and beauty in equal measures. Henrik wanted the Hampton sofa to be a big and comfortable loft sofa, but without the bulky look. Just like the Hamptons in New York it is a calm oasis for busy city dwellers. The low wide seats bring a grounded look while the adjustable back cushions give the sofa its dynamic appearance.

Discover Hampton

I get inspired by seeing things up close. Little details that can evolve into a complete product.

Imola chair
The beautiful form and comfortable curves of the Imola chair was inspired by the lines of a tennis ball and it has become truly iconic.

Adelaide chair
With a curved beauty, amazing comfort and an almost endless array of possibilities, the Adelaide chair will fit into any dining room, home office, patio or lounge area.

Flexible delivery and assembly
24 months warranty
Multi-functional design
Custom made