Morten Georgsen

Morten Georgsen designs stylish furniture with multiple functions. He’s dedicated to bringing his Danish heritage to an international audience and succeeds in this by focusing on optimising the production process and making it cost-efficient without compromising the look.

Designer Morten Georgsen standing at table in design studio

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Our longest running partnership, the Danish designer has been conceiving designs for us since 1993.

Incorporating Danish minimalism

Morten Georgsen is a master of creating storage concepts and beautiful tables. Focusing on elegant functionality, Morten skilfully creates designs that both look good and work in the home. It is in this cross-section of beauty and functionality that Morten operates. Every element of his designs has a purpose, ensuring minimalist, functional and elegant pieces made for living. Working for BoConcept for more than 25 years, Morten’s designs and talent have proved timeless and with their simple beauty always fit the modern home.

As Morten says:

"What good is beautiful design if it never gains widespread acceptance? By the end of the day, furnishing is a practical need that we all have, and in that sense, we all deserve good style and quality that works."

"When you combine pleasing proportions with beautiful colours, materials and craftsmanship, you create a design that evokes a good feeling."