Anders Nørgaard

Anders Nørgaard always stays true to his Danish design heritage that was very much part of his own upbringing and education. 'I grew up with functionalism and craftsmanship. Danish architects of the 50s and 60s were friends of my parents and among my teachers at the School of Architecture.'

Anders Nørgaard portrait

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While furniture has to work and fit into your daily life, it still has to look beautiful.

Incorporating minimal styling

Anders Nørgaard utilizes beautiful lines, minimal styling and perfect proportions to create pieces that have the user in focus. With quiet and purposeful functionality, the designs provide a clean canvas on which to paint your personality. Anders at the same time develops his visionary designs in close corporation with craftsmen to ensure a product that is optimized in both look, comfort and durability.

As Anders says:

“My design is characterized by beautful lines, minimal stlung and perfect proportions. However, functionality is always key.”

“Functionality can overrule beauty, but if you think outside the box and pay attention to the small details, you achieve a refined and characteristic expression.”