Outdoor furniture Care Guide

With the correct care, outdoor furniture can be enjoyed for many years.

Aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel are dirt and liquid resistant. However, liquid can stain aluminum and stainless steel, and may cause rust on varnished steel surfaces that have sustained damage.

Hot objects such as pots, pans and tea lights must never be placed directly on table tops.

The outdoor cushions are not waterproof and must be brought indoors or stored in a dry environment when rain is forecast and at night.

Outdoor furniture is ideal for outdoor use, but during long periods of bad weather we recommend to shelter or cover it.

General care instructions for outdoor furniture metal parts:

Metal parts should be cleaned with a pH neutral detergent. Never use solvents.

Wipe surfaces with a wet cloth that has been dipped in water mixed with pH neutral detergent and firmly wrung. Don’t use scrubbing tools that could potentially scratch the surface.

General care instructions for outdoor furniture upholstery parts:

The cushions must be brought in if it is going to rain and at night, as they are neither water-resistant nor water-repellent.

Gently spot cleaning is needed if any spill - the cushions are neither washable nor suitable for drycleaning.