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New season. New collection. New you.

Explore all-new designs for every room. Below we present rooms in a curated selection that explore the current trends outlined in the video. All while presenting new Danish designs in carefully selected colours and compositions.

New neutrals

“A fresh minimalism inspired by a yearning for the basic and nostalgic. The look is light where tones of pale wood, ceramic, concrete and white marble join a delicate palette of near pastel hues.”

In this room, the simple and essential tones and forms ensure a calm expression. The soft headboard of the new Arlington bed and the new Dublin armchair ensures an organic and soft expression. The Bordeaux storage adds a beautiful functionality while the artwork by Karl Blossfeldt underlines the look and creates a cohesive, natural feel.

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Dark wonder

“Rich and sophisticated. Dark Wonder will give your home an air of drama and indulgence. Above a base palette of soft blacks rise delicious muted and earthy tones. Dark leathers, suedes and velvets sit beside black oak and marble, while brass, steel and glossy surfaces add surprising accents.”

In this room, the dark wonder comes to life in a soft black Carlton sofa with tones of blue and steel accessories. The glass surface of the new Los Angeles coffee table and side table ensures a look that is refined yet stirring.

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Tech overload

“In 2019, we balance our tech filled lives with a focus on the natural. Organic forms are depicted in sculptures and photographic prints while natural textures and patterning bring life to regularly-used surfaces.”

In this room, the new Manhattan sideboard ensures a natural look, while the Karl Blossfeldt photography, the Pine Cone lamp, and accessories in natural materials ensures an organic and connected look.

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A respite from the synthetic

“Construction details, once hidden away, are now exposed. They connect us to the craftsmanship of the designs, and their human backstories.”

In this room, the new Augusta table and Vienna chairs are examples of how craftsmanship and construction details can carry an elegant and beautiful composition. The Vienna chairs are upholstered in an exclusive Italian cotton velvet that adds a natural, soft touch to the design.

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Time for me

“Self-care trends change how we value comfort. Our guiltless need for pampering creates an appetite for heavy, structured and plush fabrics and furniture that express visual comfort.“

In this room, the new Oxford bed in purple cotton velvet welcomes you in with clear visual comfort and functionality. The new Charlotte chair embraces you, while the Herbarium art complete the sensorial home experience.

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Form over function

“With an appetite for touches of flamboyance, accessories drift away from function, becoming playful and artistic.“

The new sculptural Alicante table with its light, yet strong appearance together with the Adelaide chairs in quilted velvet adds a touch of grandiosity to the expression. The elegant Lisbon cabinet together with the sculptural accessories ensure a rich and expressive room feel.

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Chelsea by Karim Rashid

Soft organic lines. Comfort of mind and body from what Karim calls, Sensual Minimalism. “It’s about the human body. Our physical environment should be non-obtrusive. No matter where you touch the Chelsea, you never feel like you’re going against nature. It creates a soft environment and space to breathe, relax, socialise and work.”


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