Dining in Aarhus

Aarhus is a rising star on the culinary scene. With authentic and honest approaches, the restaurants of the city offer a wide spanning range of dining experiences. More than great food, the dining spots of Aarhus are natural meeting hubs for conversation, laughs and Hygge.

Below we share with you some of our favourites, where décor, food and atmosphere combine to provide exceptional experiences and an up close encounter with the special Aarhus ambiance.

Frederiksgade 42

Walking from the river area of Central Aarhus towards the art museum Aros, the vibrant street Frederiksgade offers many interesting culinary experiences. A recommended place to visit is Frederiksgade 42, where nature meets great taste. With an 80/20 concept ensuring that at least 80% of the menu consists of vegetables and greens, Frederiksgade 42 puts ecology and sustainability on the menu. The food varies based on seasons and local availability and is served in small dishes meant to be shared. This sharing of food ensures an informal atmosphere where people come together for laughs and Hygge.

Frederiksgade 42

Aarhus Street food

Do as the students of Aarhus and visit the old garage next to the bus station. Here you’ll find over 30 permanent food stalls with globally influenced themes. The down to earth atmosphere and very friendly prices lure out the students that flock here to try Mexican, Vietnamese, American, Jamaican and Danish food in a raw and authentic setting. Visit Aarhus Street Food and dine shoulder to shoulder with the people of Aarhus.

Aarhus Street Food


In the Latin quarter, Gastromé offers a new Nordic take on gourmet food. The restaurant has a clean, Scandinavian look with an open kitchen in which own-produced root crops, berries, fruit, herbs, honey, flowers and more are composed in elegant, world class Nordic cuisine. From food, to drinks, to the décor of the restaurant, Gastromé is a recommended visit to experience Nordic style and symphony. Since 2015, the restaurant has been awarded with a Michelin star and booking is required.


Central food market

Like Aarhus Street food, Aarhus central food market is made off different small stands that serve Danish and international food. Located next to the pedestrian street a few hundred metres from the central train station, the food market is a well visited place for a bite to go or to relax with a coffee, cake or drink in between shopping and sight-seeing.

Central Food Market

Recommended spots for a drink in Aarhus

Here’s our selection of bars that combine atmosphere, tastes and experiences while setting the scene for you to meet the people that make up Aarhus.


Anders Nørgaard in Aarhus

Get up close with the designer of Indivi, Anders Nørgaard, as he walks through the city that inspires his designs.