Wall system inspiration


Adj An energetic interest in a particular subject or activity and an eagerness to be involved in it.

If this is your storage match, you instantly empathise. You know the lines between restraint and indulgence that every avid collector straddles on daily basis. A limited edition here. An out-of-production colourway there.

You need storage that is as much sculptural as functional – like any well-designed sneaker. And an artistic backdrop for the things you love – vibrant colours that reflect the passion in your personality.

Design that walks the path less trodden.

Our sneaker installation was born out of eleven Como bookcases, designed by Morten Georgsen. Cut from powder coated steel, Como combines strength with a minimal profile. The Como range offers wall-mounted storage solutions, from vast wall systems to our latest addition: the small and perfectly formed, Como shelf. The featured bookcase comes in two colour options and features a cable cut-out. And it requires no assembly. Just unpack, hang and enjoy.

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Styling advice

Wall system inspiration

A statement setting for statement footwear. We gave this room a palette that balances fresh tones with warm shades. The mix, when paired with our asymmetric storage layout, gives the room an energetic quality, apt for a sneaker collection.

Inside out

Why not give your prized collection the respect it deserves? Design your room around your items, by picking three to four of their colours and echoing them on walls and other accessories. We gave our room a graphic colour-block theme, recalling elements of classic sneaker design.

It needn't to be square

Experiment with box arrangements to give your room added character. Skew lines of symmetry or remove them altogether. Adjoin boxes as we did, or space them out – it’s entirely up to you. And storing your collectibles both in and on top of your boxes will add extra dimensionality.

Connect the theme

Such a broad colour palette can appear detached and jar the eye. Tie your look together by using one base tone throughout. We took the black of our bookcases, and reflected it in other items, including the rug and abstract print.

5 tips for avid collectors

Wall system inspiration
  • Become an expert
    Anyone who has started a collection, will have a handful of stories, describing terrible buys and costly mistakes. If you’re considering upgrading your casual hobby to a full-on passion, start by upgrading your knowledge. Read books and blogs. Sign up to newsletters and subscribe to magazines. Put in the effort and graduate to an educated buyer.
  • Connect with other collectors
    The above resources are valuable but nothing beats a bit of seldom-heard decades-old knowledge. And that comes from speaking with other collectors. Join forums and other social media groups. Go to fairs and start conversations. True collectors like nothing more than sharing anecdotes and knowledge but it takes a transaction of a special currency: trust.
  • Think quality over quantity
    Most newbie collectors feel an innate urge to grow their catalogue – and fast. As if acceptance to their respective tribe of collectors is earned when [insert imagined number] items are acquired. Better, in fact, to have a small curated selection of top quality pieces, over a large mediocre collection. Your bank balance will also appreciate that attention-to-quality if you decide to resell.
  • Control your emotions
    It’s hard to remove emotion from something as personal and downright obsessive as collecting. Nevertheless, learning to at least approach it with a healthy level of objectivity will reduce regret – and the frequency of your spouse’s scolding looks. Never impulse buy, set a monthly budget and avoid ‘insanely’ cheap deals. As someone once said, “if a bargain is too good to be true, it probably is.”
  • Remember why you started
    Collect sneakers but never wear them? Or mid-century ceramics that never see the light of day? Step away from the vacuum wrap machine and return to the joy that got you collecting in the first place. Yes, collections often involve considerable amounts of money and time, but it’s is supposed to be fun as well.