Home styling tips: Finished from top to bottom

Decorating Tips

Your home is a retreat and a place to truly embrace the lifestyle you love. While decorating is exciting, it also comes with understandable moments of pressure, not to mention overwhelming choices! The good news is, with simple home styling tips you’ll have the tools you need to decorate like a professional.

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Home styling tips: Finished from top to bottom

So, where do you start? The first thing to do is eliminate any guesswork, in order to alleviate stress. Get your measuring tape out and note the size of your rooms, including wall and floor space, along with necessary walkways. Then, you’re ready to identify your design goals and move onto the fun parts of styling, shopping or rearranging.

Set the mood

Pre-planning can make all the difference in creating your dream design. A mood board is your best friend, both in planning each room and providing inspiration. Gather your favourite images, colour swatches and samples. Magazines, catalogues, Pinterest, you name it. Seek from a variety of sources and push your inspiration further.

The next step is to pin images to a board at home or use an app to collate your home styling ideas. This makes it easy to harmonise your concepts towards a stunning design throughout the home. Add, subtract and experiment until you find just the right blend of elements to turn your design aspirations into reality.

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Create with colour

Colour has the power to transform the aesthetic of a room and evoke a range of moods. Therefore, consider which shades most suit your lifestyle or the purpose of individual rooms. For example, whites, blues and greens elicit a fresh feel, while rich purples, reds and golds exude glamour and elegance. Monochrome colour schemes enhance relaxation while harmonising your design.

For home offices or outdoor settings, you might like the energising qualities of bright yellow, orange or red accessories. On the dark side, greys, browns and black contribute to a sense of sophistication and depth in a room. The key is to use colour to highlight your personal style while being mindful of the mood you wish to elevate in each room.

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Think big to start

Furniture and larger accessories act as backdrops to your design. Therefore, when it’s time to shop or rearrange, start with these items. Before you do, consider the main purpose of each room. In a practical sense, what do you need to fulfil your lifestyle? If you host regular dinner parties, for example, a table with a built-in extension might be crucial. When you love cosy nights in with the family, a corner sofa could be the ideal focal point of your living room.

Along with the function of each piece, consider how you’d like furniture to tie in with your colour scheme. Neutral-toned furniture allows you to play with colour via key accessories, wall colours and floor treatments. Rich hues on statement designs, such as sofas, armchairs and beds, complement neutral walls and floors.

Once you’ve fulfilled the functional purpose of each room with furniture, take a step back to identify which large accessories work best. Would a handwoven rug bring warmth and style to your living room? A floor lamp might complete the look in your dining room or a large artwork could perfectly frame your desk. When you build from the larger items down, you’ll eliminate the stress of trying to comfortably fit everything into your space.

Accessorise for your personality

Infusing your personality into home styling showcases your unique lifestyle and encourages you to relax in the warmth of the familiar. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create focal points of personal mementoes. A photo gallery on the wall, a vignette of travel paraphernalia on a console table or antique sculptures bring the instant happiness of cherished memories.

Another way to emphasise personality is to reflect on how each area of your home makes you feel. Think about which types of accessories might enhance the mood you want to encourage. Throws, cushions or plush blankets bring cosiness to sofas, beds and armchairs. Patterned floor rugs, designer decor and abstract artworks offer dynamic visuals for energy and inspiration.

Other decorating tips include vases, clocks, candle holders and photo frames, strategically placed for impact. One of the best aspects of designer accessories is the ability to switch them around whenever the mood for change strikes. Doing so reinvigorates all spaces, so you won’t grow bored with your design.

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Blend textures and materials

Mixing textures and materials is a powerful way to bring the elements of design together in your home. Everything has a texture, so to speak. However, some surfaces really stand out from their surroundings. Think raw wooden floorboards combined with the plush softness of a Lux Felt armchair. In terms of home styling tips, aim for a variation of textures that are soft, rough, hard and smooth.

To ensure you don’t have an overload of textures, experiment with layering until you find the right blend. As an example, dress a neutral-tone leather sofa with velvet throw cushions in vibrant colours. Consider tables that combine glass and wood, then soften the look with fresh flowers. When you step back to take a look, remember that your aim is to add more depth and visual interest with the contrast of textures and materials.

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Invite nature in

Spending time in nature relaxes your state of mind and reinvigorates your senses. Bring this simplistic beauty and freshness into your home, with greenery. Indoor potted plants offer a simple way to connect with nature at home. Or, take greenery to new design heights and consider flower pots in unique shapes to display your favourite blooms and plants.

Wooden decor and natural elements, like twisted branches, shells or coral, add texture and interest to displays. Lastly, there’s nothing like natural lighting to induce a feeling of health and offer that fresh appeal. Highlight a window with a reading nook, ensure window coverings allow sunlight to flood in at the right times and create space around outside views that speak for themselves.

Soothe your senses with fragrance

Imagine walking into your cosy home filled with the scent of a delicious meal cooking in the oven. It provides an instant lift to your mood and anticipation for what’s to come. It also triggers memories of shared meals and happy times with loved ones. That’s how powerful scent is, in creating a lifestyle at home that inspires, fulfils, relaxes and excites you.

While home cooking might not always fit into the schedule, scented candles certainly do. Combined with their visual appeal, choose fragrances to enhance your home’s atmosphere. Lavender relieves stress, citrus energises and helps you to focus, peppermint uplifts and rose evokes romance. With flickering light and elegant holders, scented candles are among the precious little things in life that offer a big treat for your senses.

Enhance with mirrors

The magic of mirrors in home styling is often underrated. Just one mirror in a room adds glamour, sparkle and the illusion of space. They brighten dark corners and give you the chance to display personality with the shape and style of a design statement piece.

Play with reflections to bring views to rooms with small or no windows. To do this, place a plant or accessory on the opposite side to a wall-mounted or freestanding mirror. Add depth to your bedroom or hallway with a full-length mirror that’s also perfect for checking your outfit on the way out. For a decorative statement, group mirrors and artworks together on a feature wall to create a stunning visual impact.

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Evoke the right mood with lighting

When you step into your home and flick the lights on, you want to feel enveloped in a warm, ambient glow. No matter how good your design is, the harshness of overhead lighting can reduce this feeling of relaxation in an instant. The easy fix is to consider dimmer switches and secondary lighting that throws indirect, soft light.

Candles, table and floor lamps illuminate any room with warmth while creating focal points to enhance your design. When you need to concentrate, adjustable lamps focus the spotlight on your task to prevent eye strain. In the bedroom, wall-mounted sidelights on either side of the bed offer diffused light that’s perfect for your intimate space. To enliven the hallway or dining room, opt for hanging pendant shades that add depth to lighting and the ‘wow’ factor to your design.

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Get started

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Experimenting with home styling ideas is the key to creating an incredible interior design. Decorating is an iterative process and the most important thing is to get started. Take some time out of your calendar, get experimenting and get help when needed.

Take your time

Allow yourself to truly sink into the satisfying process of turning your inspiration into reality. To do this, keep taking a step back from decorating to view the overall picture.


Experiment with furniture placement, colour schemes, accessory displays and wall features. Switch things around until they fall into place and feel just right for you.

Ask for help

It’s important to take the time to ensure your room offers the environment of your dreams, from top to bottom. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in this. An interior designer can help you articulate your dreams and help you in your decorating process. After all, your home is a personal expression of you.

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