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Contemporary Danish furniture brand, BoConcept explores social trend, Styling for Sanctuary, and its implications on interior design


Trend: Styling for Sanctuary; JOMO

Social trigger: Due to unprecedented times, consumers want to feel safe, secure and pampered in the home

Interior design implications: Greater demand for organically shaped designs, plush fabrics and artisanal details


More than ever, consumers want their spaces to be sanctuaries: calming, cosy and cocooning. Consumers want spaces that help them disconnect from the outside world, leaving headspace to decompress and nurture real-world relationships, self-fulfilment and expression. BoConcept explores how consumers can create sanctuaries perfect for JOMO: the joy of missing out.

Choose soft plush fabrics

Although leathers and low-texture fabrics like felt are still in high demand, plush and tactile options are growing ever more popular. More than simply a high-interest look, these visually comforting textures help consumers ramp up cosiness, both visual and tactile. The feeling is emphasized with cushions, throws and thick pile rugs.

Organic shapes

Choosing designs that have soft organic curves and cocooning forms also increases this sense of sanctuary. BoConcept’s Danish design DNA means silhouettes don’t arrive with eye-jarring ornamentation. For AW20 the collection is filled with curvaceous designs that retain a clean minimalism, making the home visually calming and cohesive. Highlights include the Charlotte and Dublin armchairs, Ottawa sofa, Chelsea sofa and armchair, Oxford bed, Madrid dining and coffee tables, plus the new Princeton dining chair and Kingston dining table.

Mark of the maker

As well as natural colours, finishes and shapes, consumers seek out designs that feature artisanal details. They connect the consumer to the human craftsmanship and serve as respite from their ever-more digital lives. A simple and elegant way to add this feeling to any space is to accessorise with hand-finished pottery in ceramic and slate.


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