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Geneva Sound and Tivoli Audio 

At BoConcept NZ to accompany our incredible range of uniquely Danish designed furniture we stock some equally impressive sound systems from both Geneva Sound and Tivoli Audio.


Geneva BoConcept

Geneva is a Swedish based audio brand specialising in simple and sophisticated sound systems. Uniquely engineered inside a simple and sleek design Geneva provide not only A class sound quality but look more like a contemporary art piece then a sound system. Geneva Sound Systems project a solid three-dimensional sound image no matter where the listener is within the room.

Geneva BoConcept

Available in our Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch stores in 5 different sizes XS, S, M, L and XL as well as the Aerosphere range.
Check out their award winning review below


Tivoli BoConcept

Tivoli Audio have received critical acclaim internationally for producing the best range of radios on the market today. Designed in the United States Tivoli Audio offer high quality sound reproduction and better reception ratings than other similar sized radios. With their simple, innocent and superb design style Tivoli Audio Systems are built to last and experience in your home or on the go. 
Available in our Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch stores are Model One, Model Three and IPal’s.

Tivoli BoConcept

Find out more at Geneva / Tivoli 

David Reid Homes - Styled by BoConcept 

BoConcept David Reid Homes

Our BoConcept Wellington team have recently completed an incredible project working alongside David Reid Homes and AD Architecture. This display home was uniquely designed and personalised to the requirements of its owners who were after a contemporary, seamless and practical home. The site is angled so the entire home spreads out over four levels allowing each space to be separate and have its own style.
Our National Stylist Edward Woolhouse who is based in Wellington worked collaboratively with the homeowners and David Reid Homes to help create a unique space that would work just for them. Using our 3D modelling programme Edward was able to design each space on the computer beforehand. Using his vast knowledge of our products and his design experience each space was well thought out to the last detail.
BoConcept David Reid Homes
The client initially purchased our Mezzo Sofa in Light Grey Felt from our Auckland showroom so this was the starting point for Edward's styling work with this being the focal point in the main living room.
“I wanted to get a cohesive look so that nothing was out of place. A neutral colour palette always works really well, particularly with a contemporary home.”
To complement the Mezzo Sofa Edward chose to use our Lugano Media Units and Barcelona Coffee Table both in white and brushed steel. A subtle injection of blue through our Titoki Rug which connected with the concrete flooring perfectly. Instead of choosing to accessorise with strong bold colours Edward bought in one of our iconic feature chairs the Imola in Tan Colorado leather. This helped bridge the gap between the colour tones throughout the indoor outdoor flow and onto the kitchen and dining spaces.

BoConcept David Reid Homes

Our glass top Milano Dining Table and London Chairs feature in the dining area which connect the kitchen and the living spaces. These pieces were also chosen in neutral colour tones to keep the spaces cohesive. Our Mensaxe Rug placed underneath the table helps to define this space individually.

BoConcept David Reid Homes

Our Lugano Sideboard is used in the entrance foyer along with a collection of BoConcept Accessories. Edward created a nice transition between the concrete flooring and the charcoal feature wall by using the white unit. The entrance space has a strong sense of elegance and is in keeping with the overall contemporary theme. BoConcept accessories are also used throughout this home to help make the space for more personal and add a little more character where needed. 
“When clustering accessories on a sideboard or wall system try and play with the heights of the pieces.”

BoConcept David Reid Homes

The master bedroom on the top level of this home was designed with the intention of creating a personal retreat for the client. With an individual staircase leading up into this space it is open, light and has an incredible view over the hills. To connect with the wooden feature wall Edward chose our Lugano Storage Bed and Headboard upholstered our Olive Matera fabric. This was a perfect colour match and added a complimentary texture to the wood feature wall. The light grey bed spread with blue and mustard accents encouraged a seamless transition between all floors.
Open to the public for a limited time, this architecturally designed, multi-level home is a must see! 50 Melksham Drive, Churton Park. 
Open Hours Sunday 20th, 27th November & 4th of December 1pm-3pm; Thursday 24th November, 1st and 8th December 5pm-7pm. 
For more information of on our interior design service click here
Mezzo Sofa
Barcelona Coffee Table
Imola Armchair
Lugano Media Units
Titoki Rug
Milano Dining Table
London Chairs
Mensaxe Rug
Lugano Sideboard
Lugano Bed and Headboard

Hello Hampton

BoConcept Hampton Sofa

Our new ‘Hampton’ Sofa has arrived in store and it really is beautiful. Inspired by the skyline of New York City the base of the ‘Hampton’ is low and grounded while the back seat cushions are adjustable which helps to break up the straight horizontal lines – just like the view of the cityscape. The soft landing and curved dimensions are a strong contrast to its vast scale and overall bold design, which are similar contrasts of The Hampton's to New York City. The idea behind the ‘Hampton’ sofa was to create a large loft styled sofa but avoid a heavy bulky look.

BoConcept Hampton Sofa

BoConcept Hampton Sofa

The Hampton sofa boasts many attractive design features such as a storage solution available in the armrest ideal for holding magazines or even a nice throw for those colder evenings. The manually adjustable headrests allow for maximum comfort great for people of all heights as well as being a playful visual feature. The total depth of the ‘Hampton’ sofa is 107cm which means it can be wide enough to sleep on. Also available are two ottoman options which can either be integrated as part of the sofa or used separately – the larger of the two options can also hold a storage unit similar to the one in the armrest. 

BoConcept Hampton Sofa

The back cushions have an attractive cross stitching detail which enhances the overall appearance of the sofa. The stitching colour is always the same as the chosen fabric to blend in as a subtle feature. The leather upholstered version of the ‘Hampton’ sofa has more cuts and stitching than the fabric version offering a different look depending on which style you go for. 

BoConcept Hampton Sofa

The seat cushions on the ‘Hampton’ sofa are made of a two layer cut foam which helps them keep their shape and the soft and comfortable look. Underneath the foam layer are a set of pocket springs which helps to add a little bounce to the seat and minimizes wrinkling on the seat cushion. To add to the already truly comfortable sofa lumbar cushions are available for lower back support and scatter cushions as well. Both of these options are great to have around for when taller or shorter people want to enjoy the ‘Hampton’ sofa just as much as you. 

The ‘Hampton’ sofa offers you a taste of the big apple right in the heart of your home. 

Shop the Hampton sofa here. 

BoConcept Hampton Sofa

Styling with The Design Chaser

A couple of months ago we were lucky enough to work alongside blogger Michelle Halford from The Design Chaser in styling some of our new furniture and fabrics. Michelle has a beautiful Scandinavian style home so our furniture and her design eye made for a perfect match.
BoConcept The Design Chaser
Michelle chose to style our elegant Carlton Sofa designed by Anders Nørgaard upholstered in our new Forest Green Napoli Fabric. The Napoli fabric was designed exclusively for BoConcept furniture and is a great Corduroy / Velvet combination so has a beautiful tactile nature to it. Napoli picks up on natural light which adds a subtle yet sophisticated sheen to the fabric. Our Forest Green Napoli is one of seven great colours – Burgundy, Golden Beige, Silver Grey, Stone Grey, Taupe and Turquoise so compliments lots of our furniture shapes and styles. The design for our Carlton sofa was inspired by the atmosphere of elegant upper-class homes of the late 60’s and early 70’s so you can imagine the combination of sofa and fabric was seamless. The Carlton Sofa is also a true minimalistic style featuring crisp clean lines so when paired with a brushed steel leg the overall look was perfect.

 BoConcept Carlton Sofa

Our Copenhagen wall unit was the next piece to be introduced to this space. These wall systems were designed by Morten Georgsen and are multi-functional and reflect true Scandinavian simplicity. These pieces can be uniquely designed to function in all dining, living and even office spaces as bookcases, entertainment units, sideboards and console options. Copenhagen was created to cater for modern day living needs so works wonders in small homes for people who need to really optimize space. The Copenhagen style can come in three different heights but for Michelle’s home she has lovely high ceilings so height wasn’t a problem. Copenhagen is available in a number of colours and finishes but for this look Michelle opted for a true Scandi style of Matte white with light oak veneer and ash grey fronts. The feature colours help break up the large units and also helps to add in subtle contrast as well.

BoConcept Copenhagen

When it came to styling the large wall system Michelle chose a selection of our eye catching BoConcept accessories and blended these with some of her own personal pieces. The abundance of space within the wall unit made it easy to hide way unattractive but necessary items as well.

BoConcept The Design Chaser

BoConcept The Design Chaser

Other BoConcept pieces used are the Palencia Rug, Ogi Chair, Adria Coffee Table and a variety of our accessories.

Our New Season Accessories

Our new season accessories are on their way with a few key pieces already in store on display. The new collection features a scale of dusty light to dark tones including soft rose, grey and olive and strong accents of blue and green. In this collection we introduce new materials, shapes and colours throughout our on trend accessory range. Our new season accessories help you to introduce great seasonal changes to your home keeping your space feeling fresh, revitalised and always enjoyable. Scandinavian and Metropolitan are key design styles at BoConcept so read below to find out what sorts of accessories work well through those themes.

Style your space: Scandinavian

BoConcept Scandinavian Accessories

Scandinavian inspired spaces are light, fresh and simply beautiful. They use natural tones and materials such as stone, marble and concrete blended with light wood tones. A Scandinavian space feels pure and inviting – ideal if you are looking to create a relaxed and calming oasis. Organic shapes like circular and round objects and furniture are a true reflection of a Scandinavian style – soft edges, natural curves and smooth surfaces. Materials such as linen, cotton, felt and soft velvet's are often seen in this style keeping colours muted and neutral such as dusty rose, stone, pale blue, white, tan and beige. Soft furnishings are often heavy in textures like crochet or weaving techniques whereas larger upholstered furnishings often have a more subtle texture.  Scandinavian accessories are crisp, clean and easy to blend into any light and open space.

BoConcept Scandinavian

BoConcept Scandinavian

Products: BoConcept Hey Basket, BoConcept Bornholm Coffee Tables, BoConcept Magnolia Wall Decoration, BoConcept Cushion Collection (BoConcept Velvet Rough, BoConcept Clara, BoConcept Fringes, BoConcept Velvet, BoConcept Leather), BoConcept Palencia Rug.
Style your space: Metropolitan   

BoConcept Metropolitan Accessories

Metropolitan inspired spaces are a little more sophisticated, moody and striking in style compared to a Scandinavian look. Dark wood and coffee tones appear throughout a Metropolitan styled space along with bushed brass, copper and silver tones. These materials blended create a rich and luxurious environment which is all part of the Metropolitan way of life. Mirrored and glass surfaces are often used within a Metropolitan style as reflected patterns and light add to the sense of glamour and class.  Heavy textiles will appear throughout including rough and smooth velvet's, leather, sheepskins and woollen textured throws. Pops of colour are commonly deep tones of brown, blue, green, red, purple and occasionally mustard. Metropolitan inspired furniture is often big, bold and masculine – strong shapes, big arm rests and back cushions paired with black iron or dark wooden legs. Metropolitan accessories are graphic, detailed and edgy – stand out in a crowd and aim to capture your full attention.

BoConcept Metropolitan

BoConcept Metropolitan

Products: BoConcept Silver Tone Mirror, BoConcept Skating Dog Sculpture, BoConcept Cushion Collection (BoConcept Velvet Rough, BoConcept Velvet), BoConcept Black Wire Stool, BoConcept Dax Rug, BoConcept New York Art on Paper.

Pop into one of our showrooms either in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch where one of our talented instore designers and stylists can help you create a space that works just for you. 

Island Bay Villa Case Study

In home consultation completed by our team at the Wellington BoConcept Store.
This beautiful villa is located in the heart of Island Bay, Wellington. Our client, a young family who recently relocated from Auckland came to us with a brief to create a modern styled home that blended with the character of the villa. The client had previously shopped with BoConcept before in Auckland and loved our Scandinavian inspired pieces. They wanted to incorporate some of their existing furniture, their previously purchased BoConcept pieces and then introduce new styles as well. We immediately knew this was going to be a great challenge and a fun project on with this young family.  

 Island Bay Living Room

This light filled, spacious separate living room required functional furniture to accommodate the needs of a young growing family but also needed character and style. We chose our Osaka sofa in Turquoise Napoli for its comfort factor and its true Scandinavian style. The 3 seater is a great size and fitted perfectly within this space. The leather Imola chair is definitely the feature piece in this room but the colour and style of the chair compliment the Osaka sofa beautifully and the pair complete the overall Scandinavian look. 
Island Bay Living Room
Both styles are great for comfort and relaxation which was the ideal look for the client in this room. The glass Adria coffee and side tables help keep the space feeling light while the white nest of small Cartagena tables are a subtle blend with the wall colour and also help break up the furniture shapes. Our Safi rug helped add some warmth and texture to this space while not taking over the room.

Island Bay Living Room

The next room which needed some new furniture options was a secondary living space which was also the kitchen and dining spaces combined. The clients already owned our Monte chair in Tobacco Estorial Leather and our Morocco rug so they wanted to find some complimenting pieces to work alongside these. Because this space adjoins with the separate family room we decided to keep the Scandinavian theme throughout to create a sense of continuity but take a more monochromatic approach to help this room stand out on its own.
Island Bay Living Room
 The Carmo sofa was the perfect choice for this space. The clients loved the style and the modular pieces which allowed them to configure it in many different ways for different occasions. As they have a young child and are growing their family we opted for a dark grey felt fabric for this piece. The Carmo leather ottoman was chosen to connect the new sofa with the existing leather armchair and is also great as a coffee table, extra seating option or chaise end. This space needed to be a social and friendly environment and allow a natural flow from the kitchen and dining areas as well.

Island Bay Kitchen Dining

The kitchen and dining areas share the perfect open plan living entrance straight out onto a great patio at the back of the home. The dining table was existing and obviously so was the kitchen cabinetry so to help add some balance to these spaces we added dark London dining chairs to the white dining table and then white and brushed steel Torup bar stools to the dark kitchen cabinetry. 
Island Bay Outdoor Living
This helped connect both areas together but still allows them to be their own spaces. The Adelaide outdoor furniture was an obvious choice to help connect the indoor and outdoor flow as the white and wood option blends perfectly with the interior colours.
The BoConcept take on the Scandinavian style has worked seamlessly throughout this light home and was a great look for this design conscious young family. Each space has its own character and individual style but the flow from room to room is easy and timeless.
Shop this look:
Osaka Sofa | Imola Chair | Safi Rug | Adria Coffee Table | Adria Nest Tables | Cartagena Side Tables 
Living / Dining / Kitchen
Carmo Sofa | Carmo Ottoman | Monte Chair | London Dining Chairs | Torup Bar Stools
Adelaide Outdoor Table | Adelaide Outdoor Chairs


18 February 2016
We know redecorating can be a challenge but whether your designing a layout for your new home or just don’t know which sofa to choose for a room, we are here to help. 

Right now BoConcept is presenting a special offer - Book and Save. Book your free home consultation today and save on your product order. 
Click here to read more and sign up! 
BoConcept offers a complimentary service where our trained interior decorators can come to your home and offer advice from colour palettes to customised configurations. We know how to put the finishing touches on your recently renovated 1940's villa, urban apartment or beach-side bach. 


Each store has a team of trained interior decorators. Here's an example of an Auckland client's apartment after their consultation and project was completed.

We use a special in-house computer programme where we can insert floor plans and create you a new furniture layout. Here are a few examples of the types of imagery that can be presented back to you.
You will see here that we can offer you multiple viewpoints to give a virtual tour of your new space.

Do not miss this opportunity to receive a package discount on your home consultation with our trained interior decorators. 

Click here to find your nearest store now.

Computer generated images - Lucia Simoes, BoConcept Portugal

08 February 2016

If you didn’t catch the last episode of Grand Designs UK you will have missed the stand out furniture featured, all of which was from BoConcept. If you did see it and loved that caramel leather armchair combo but couldn’t remember the name of it – you can stop worrying now, there will be a full product list at the end of this post.

We see this as an appropriate post this week because this ambitious build accomplishes what a lot of NZer’s set out to achieve when designing large scale and minimalist architecture. Pavello (“pavilion” in Catalan) is an enormous single-storey house of nearly 6,000 sq ft making it one of the biggest homes ever featured on Grand Designs. 

Home owner Clinton Dall’s phrase sums BoConcept’s philosophy on furnishing perfectly, “When you build a house, you need to find furniture and art that’s right for that house. People ruin contemporary homes by just bringing in their furniture from the old house — it doesn’t work.” Seen here are two iconic Imola chairs creating a definitive feature space for relaxation.

One of the biggest sofas ever made in BoConcept history - the Cenova sofa. Customised in a U shape to create a defined, close space when entertaining.

Featured here are BoConcept Ottawa Dining chairs in caramel Oxford leather beautifully contrasted to the rich blues of the room.

Shop Here:

- Imola Char

- Ottawa Dining Chair

- Cenova Sofa

Architect: Desmond Harvey of DHA

Images: Houzz


27 February 2016

This week we're flashing back to February 2014, taking a look into a styling project Edward Woolhouse from BoConcept Wellington took to with Urbis Magazine.

As kiwis we know the importance of easy, coastal living. Designed in 2010 by Wellington architects Carolyn Walker and Geoff Fletcher, their challenge was to create a two-room wide home with comfortable indoor/outdoor living while showing consideration of the extreme coastal conditions.

Important to the brief was creating a space that is modern without being too ostentatious. The combination of light oak and black oak London chairs in the dining setting gives a less formal look to the Milano extendable table. 

The Imola is a classic and iconic chair from BoConcept. The elegant sweeping lines of the Imola sit beautifully with the landscape, with the seat back low enough to not obstruct that stunning view.

Through floor to ceiling windows the master bedroom has views of Kapiti Island. Seen here is a circular Neat rug adding luxurious texture. The soft rounded shapes are repeated in the lush, red Schelly chair.

Shop Here:

- Imola Chair

- Milano Dining Table

- London Dining Chair

- Schelly Chair

Images: Jeff Brass

Tags: Urbis Magazine


19 February 2016

We're excited to launch our accessories range this Autumn, so we've decided to give you a sneak peek.

So, what's happening in 2016?

We've upped the mood using velvet, marble and brass elements.

Cognac, Forest Green, Desert Rose, Egg Yolk and Black are colours to observe and combine.

To harden the feminine pastel look, contrast colours with bold black and darker patterns. These combinations are warm, luxe and unisex.


12 February 2016

This week we take a close look into the condo of NBA giant, Toronto Raptor’s Patrick Patterson. Located at Trump Residences and designed by Jaclyn Genovese of Jacflash Spaces, the pair took to BoConcept Toronto to kit it with some massive style, naturally.

You might recognise the extendable Monza Dining Table, seen here dwarfed by Patterson. Customised in smoke glass with an espresso oak plinth base, it complements the contemporary and monochromatic look that continues through the space.

He opted for premium black leather to the large sectional Cenova sofa, which is designed and sized to fit the space. Facing opposite is a pair of classic Monte arm chairs, upholstered in refined Bari cotton.

We love the exclusive masculine and slightly industrial look to this loft apartment and yes, that is a Raptor’s skull on the coffee table. 

Shop the Look:

- Monza Dining Table

- Cenova Sofa

- Monte Chairs

- Plaza Rug

Follow Patterson here.

See spaces by Jacflash here.

Source: Spaces by Jacflash.


5 February 2016

Stefani Lee is an integral member of the interior stylist team at BoConcept. She was born and raised in Malaysia before immigrating to New Zealand with her family when she was 14.  We caught up with her recently to talk chic minimalist style, city living and yoga.

How does being at BoConcept and BLOC influence the way you put your own home together?

BoConcept has changed my perspective on interiors and furniture. My style is minimal and simple because I live that less is always more. While being at BoConcept, I’ve learned that using colour isn’t too bad at all! So I have combined my love of white with light touches of pastel green and soft blue as a start. I am inspired by BoConcept’s timeless and modern approach to design, in particular the brand’s styling and visual merchandising. Having recently bought a new apartment, I knew straight away that I wanted everything to be furnished by BoConcept.

What will you be taking home from BoConcept this year? What’s your favourite piece of furniture at the moment and why?

My favourite product from Bo is the Ogi chair. After working and yoga in the evenings, it’s comforting to know that my Ogi chair is at home waiting for me to open a good book on. I love the Ogi because of its soft shape and timeless design. It is a beautiful piece of furniture that looks great in any room. The swivel base also provides flexibility.

What are you looking forward to from the 2016 collection?

I am looking forward to the new Copenhagen wall system, which will be launched in New Zealand during Autumn 2016. It is a modular wall unit with multi-functional purposes. The design can be minimal and clean or cool and contemporary, depending on the individual’s creation. I’m also excited for the new accessory collection which will consist of beautiful sculptures in rich colours and luxe texture.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

My whole weekend involves eating and yoga! Food plays a big part in my culture. We talk about in 24/7, we basically live and breathe food! Luckily my yoga practice enables me to eat what I want. If I had to pick a cuisine to eat for the rest of my life it would have to be Japanese. We go to Fuga once a week to indulge in fresh sashimi and local seafood. It’s a tiny Japanese brasserie right in the city.

What do you miss most about your homeland?

I can never get enough of the fast-paced lifestyle offered back home, as your day would always be filled with activities. It has shaped who I am today.

In design (and possibly life) what's the rule you most like to break?

I enjoy the saying that design isn't a philosophy, it's a lifestyle (thanks Issey Miyake!). Design is not something that exists in products only, it is about ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

And the one rule you always follow to the letter?

Umm. I have three actually...

  • Style over substance!

  • Neutral rules

  • Keep it simple but effective

Who or what inspires you?

I have been practicing yoga for almost a year now and it has been rewarding, both physically and most importantly, mentally. "We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are" said Anais Nin. Everything we do, reflects on who we are as a person, or what we are growing into. Pick the simplest one and be grateful. Working at BoConcept has also inspired me to see things not only from one person's point of view, but to consider other peoples' great design ideas too.

Complete this sentence 'If I had a spare $1000, I'd spend it on…'

The Copenhagen!


29 January 2016

It’s well known that many interior design trends and inspirations trickle down to us from Northern Europe and this urban apartment in Stockholm is no exception. Using a texture combination of felt, leather and brass is an ultimate Scandi look and a current trend that isn’t slowing down any time soon. 

What we love about this Stockholm apartment is its minimal style and laid-back sophistication. The restrictive living space has been perfectly matched with the Carmo Sofa, making it an inviting space and seemingly bigger than it actually is.

We consider the Carmo sofa a must-see from the BoConcept collection. It stands out from the rest with its boxy shape, piping details and compact style. Not to mention that it’s completely modular, allowing for unique customisation and adding versatility to your living space.  The Carmo here is a great example of this, where a unique combination is made up of individual felt and leather modules.

 Shop the look - full product list at the end of this post!

It’s important to be selective when achieving ‘a look’ for your space. Here, each piece of furniture is chosen for its textural finish and how these textures relate with each other. The light-oak floors are matched with crisp off white walls and white ceiling which leaves the space feeling light and airy. Keeping in touch with the colour scheme, the grey patterned rug adds diversity without stealing too much of the attention. We adore the striking trio of brass pendants hanging low in the living space. The reflective quality of brass creates an uplifting contrast to the matt finish of the grey felt and caramel leather.

Shop The Look:

1. Floating Shelf

2. Carmo Sofa

3. Spaceline Pendant

4. Palencia Rug

5. Murcia Coffee Table

6. Candle Holder

7. Gold Cushion

8. Swan Art



22 January 2016

Keep up-to-date this year with the Osaka sofa, inspired by mid-century era with a touch of modern design. Designed by contemporary mastermind Andes Norgaard, Osaka embodies the grace, ease and comfort that are central to the coming season. Osaka is a classic and chic design that looks great from every angle and can be made to fit your requirements.

The Osaka has slimmer arm rests and a short depth of 87cm which makes it ideal for small living spaces. It is also fully modular so you can customise this sofa to your personal needs – armchair or sofa, big or small. Every detail is considered with design features such as optional refined tufting and three armrest choices - straight, slightly inclined or curved.

With a seat cushion composed of high resilient foam, the support is phenomenal. Many customers also enjoy the shorter depth, which allows you to enjoy your comfort in a more upright position and allows ease when moving on and off the sofa.

Available in all BoConcept fabric and leather options, enjoy the Osaka today.

Some key features:

  •  ideal for small living spaces
  •  can be customised to different sizes
  •  refined tufting details which create visual softness
  •  different armrest options creating different looks
  •  different tall leg options that emphasise the lightness off the floor
  • optional flexible, removable and fully covered headrest

Please click here to shop the Osaka sofa.


21 January 2016

Shop the look - full product list at the end of this post! 

Many of our customers seek our advice when downsizing to urban apartment living, as many people are doing today. With any space, especially when turning to apartment living, it’s important to choose each piece of furniture purposefully

This central Auckland open-plan apartment is light filled throughout most of the day, with floor to ceiling windows and beautiful light blonde floors. When choosing from our collection, it was important to incorporate architectural details into the design finishes of the furniture. We responded to the framing with bold black linear details, creating cohesion and contrast to the lightness of the space.


Using our Home-Creator programme and floor plans, with our help, our client was able to customise the sofa to the space. The Philly sofa was the best fitted choice as it doesn’t take up much space vertically and allows lightness off the floor. The Philly provides sophistication with elements of mid-century design, while it's boxy shape and depth creates a more laid-back living style. The punchy shade of navy Blue Frisco fabric allows the sofa to be the feature of the room.


Cohesion and functionality was important for our client while choosing wall systems and dining product. The Milano extendable dining table suited the space best. It's easy to use butterfly extension insert means there’s no difficulty when entertaining a larger group of guests. The London dining chairs combined with the black Lugano wall system and white Milano table create a clean monochromatic scheme. To ensure consistency, these two finishes were repeated throughout the apartment in other furniture.


When finishing the space with accessories, we chose objects that complemented the monochromatic scheme and looked organised.  The geometric Vivus rug adds subtle colour and modernity. To keep the mood fresh and ambient we recommended several various indoor plants to complete the look.


Shop the Look:

- Blue Monaco Sofa

- Milano Extendable Dining Table

- London Dining Chairs

- Lugano Wall System

- Vivus Rug

- Chiva Functional Coffee Table

- Elba Outdoor Lounge Chairs

- Mirror

- Accessories

Photo Credit: Larnie Nicolson


16 December 2015

Dearest shoppers, so that we don't miss each other, please take special note of our slightly different opening hours.

Until December 23rd, BoConcept Auckland’s new hours will be 9.00am-6.00pm weekdays. (Weekends remain the same)

All stores will be having Late Nights on December 16th – open till 8.00pm in Auckland and till 7.30pm in Christchurch and Wellington. Our friends at Jules Taylor wines have gifted us a few glasses of their finest summer selection, which we'll happily share in the spirit of Christmas.

On Christmas Eve we’ll be open from 9.00am-5.00pm. Do ensure you're well provisioned, as on Christmas and Boxing Day in Auckland and Wellington, we will be closed for a well-earned rest. The Christchurch showroom will be open on Boxing Day from 10.00-4.00pm. All three showrooms will be open for normal trading hours from December 27th-30th.

On New Year's Eve, we will shut up shop from 3pm, and closed on January 1st and 2nd. Then normal trading hours will resume on January 3rd.


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