Luxe gold

Let your colour scheme exude elegance with exquisite materials and alluring touches. Shop the LUXE GOLD look here.
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  • 3 seater sofas - Fargo sofa - Brown - Leather
    Fargo sofa

    From NGN1,429,000.00

    As shown NGN3,301,600.00

    Recommended retail price
  • Decoration - Smoke bowl - Grey - Glass
    Smoke bowl

    As shown NGN52,900.00

    Recommended retail price
  • Gallery - Berlin art on paper - Mixed colours - Wood
    Berlin art on paper

    As shown NGN139,900.00

    Recommended retail price
  • Decoration - Fingerfilodrendon wall decoration - Yellow - Metal
    Fingerfilodrendon wall decoration

    As shown NGN34,900.00

    Recommended retail price