BoConcept’s Rome garden sofa system and Adelaide table and chairs in walled terrace garden

Living for the sun

Imagine it… great company, a glass of your favourite wine, a comfortable seat with a view and, of course, some life-affirming sun. The ingredients to a relaxation vacation. Yes, but you needn’t confine them to a hotel stay. Why not turn your garden or balcony into your own private oasis and enjoy that holiday feeling all summer long?

Our range of garden furniture combines luxury anti-weather materials, quality craftsmanship and a design language that takes garden lounging and dining to new stylish levels.

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BoConcept’s Rome garden sofa system in walled terrace with plants

Rome Garden Sofa System

Our new modular balcony and garden sofa system transforms your outdoor space into a luxurious and inviting lounge area – perfect for weekend entertaining or relaxing after a long day at work. Rome brings the comfort and elegance of an indoor sofa to your outdoor space, through its three minimal modules: a one seater, a one seater corner/end module with armrest, and a one seater with integrated side table.

Rome is flexible, and can grow or shrink to fit your changing needs. Choose one or two modules for small gardens and balconies, or combine multiple modules for larger spaces. Add, store or reconfigure – the possibilities are endless.

The range also includes a matching coffee table, available in two sizes. Optional loose cushions arrive in the same high-quality, anti-weather fabric as Rome’s main cushions. And all main seat and back cushions come with additional out-of-season covers – for extra protection and peace of mind.
BoConcept’s Rome garden sofa system and Adelaide chair on city rooftop terrace with pergola
Rome was conceived by Danish designer, Henrik Pedersen. The flexible garden sofa system blends Danish minimalism and functional simplicity, with the highest build quality and all-weather materials. The look is effortlessly luxurious and will upgrade your space – be it a small balcony or vast terrace.

All-weather protection

Rome is crafted in powder coated aluminium. And its fabrics have scored 9 out of 10 for UV, rain and colour-fade resistance. Durable quality that remains soft and comfortable. So, your garden sofa will have the same luxurious look – season in, season out.

Eucalyptus wood details

We finished the armrest in oil-treated Australian Eucalyptus wood – the same high-quality FSC certified wood used on the Adelaide outdoor dining table and chairs. The armrest can be mounted on the right- or left-hand side, giving you complete flexibility.

Lasting Danish design

Rome’s powder coated aluminium arrives in a minimal yet durable 32 x 32mm dimension. Those sleek lines are complemented by Rome’s taut seat and back cushions, secured by anti-slip underside fabric and minimally-styled Velcro tabs.

5 ways to create your outdoor hygge oasis

BoConcept’s Rome garden sofa system in walled terrace garden with plants and trees
  1. As we pack away the barbeque and watch the days shorten, it’s tempting to hang a figurative ‘closed’ sign on our outdoor spaces. But your garden or balcony can be enjoyed throughout autumn and even on into winter.

    Make your garden warm and inviting by investing in a fixed or mobile fire pit. And place thick blankets near dining or lounge chairs. Stay positive and consider the reduction of daylight as an opportunity more cosiness. Hang lights in trees and pergolas or consider mood-enthused balcony lighting. And no hygge-ready space is complete without candles.
  2. Your garden or balcony should be a haven – a calming retreat whatever the season. Colour is proven to affect mood. So, when choosing flowers and plants, avoid harshly contrasting palettes. Delicate shades of blues, whites and greens are favourites here in Denmark and make for a calming atmosphere – perfect for melting away the day’s stress.

    If you have a garden, look out from your lounge area and choose its most appealing line of sight. Arrange your furniture to capitalise on the view. And try not disrupt it with play apparatus or high plants.
  3. As outdoor living trends grow, the lines between our inner rooms and outdoor spaces continue to blur. Gardens are no longer just for sunbathing, a book and chilled wine. Today, one can step out back and find outdoor TV setups with weatherproof speakers; and kitchens – no, not large barbeques, but fully working kitchens.

    However, bringing your indoor comfort out can be as simple as adding an array of soft luxe cushions to your lounge area. And working with accessories in materials not traditionally associated with the outdoors builds on the notion of inside-out living. Think faceted and mirrored glass and brass.
  4. Organic lifestyles are growing more commonplace. In comparison to decades past, more of us are valuing good, clean ingredients and taking an avid interest in their derivation. Add to that a hygge driven desire to enjoy and interact with the outdoors, and you begin to understand the rise of home-grown fruit and vegetables.

    You don’t have to own large allotments and greenhouses either. Balconies can be turned into micro-farms with just a few plant boxes or pots. Other than the satisfaction of seeding, nurturing and harvesting food for your family, gardening is a proven stress-reliever. Better food. Better health.
  5. More than just sight, comfort and now taste, your outdoor space should please your ears as well. The calm of your carefully orchestrated atmosphere can be destroyed with nuisances like road noise.

    Press the mute button with carefully positioned wind chimes or a nearby water feature. And treat your garden to a stylish bird feeder and add the dawn chorus to your garden’s soundscape.