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Adj A private person does not like to talk about their personal feelings and thoughts.

The meal. The vacation. The new job. Some would say that in 2018, when everything is sharable and nothing’s off limits, privacy is surely an outdated notion.

If this is your storage match, you’d beg to differ. You’re drawn to its mysterious mood – the seclusion in its light and shadow. And you take comfort in its concealed spaces. Leaving just the essentials on show.

No likes required.

billede af reol med sko
The Private storage match features our Morten Georgsen designed Copenhagen wall system. The unit comes in four striking colour combinations, and its modules can be rearranged to alter the look. The system is part of a range that gives your space stylish floor-standing designs in sizes to fit your needs.

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Styling advice

This storage match has all the drama that only a dark palette can evoke. However, it’s never oppressive. It’s expressive – a distinction achieved through planning and attention to detail.

Don’t be afraid

Dark palettes can seem daunting. Many believe that their colours create gloomy and closed-in spaces. We disagree. The drama in our room could be too strong for your taste, but you can still use dark tones to create intimacy, luxury and a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

Add contrast

Add depth to your room, and banish the gloom, by playing with contrasts. Avoid using one solid colour and instead work with tonal gradients. Then balance those tones with textures, like the marble furniture and our raw concrete pillars and beams.

Keep it to yourself

As the name suggests, we decided that the Private storage match should have only a few items on display. Whether you’re reserved or not, do the same and let the storage unit take centre stage. Then allow focal points to draw the eye, like our light grey ceramics; concrete pendent Geometry lamp and the Fusion armchair.

5 hotels for seclusion seekers

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  1. Take a three-hour coastal drive to the small town of Hana, on Maui’s eastern shoreline. The area is said to be one of the last untouched locations in the Hawaiian archipelago. Travaasa Hana was voted No. 1 resort in all of Hawaii in the Conde Nast Traveller’s Reader Choice Awards. Enjoy privacy and luxurious accommodation with views over the Pacific – all without TVs and telephones. Unplug and relax.
  2. You can get to this secluded island, miles off the coast of Nicaragua, in two not-so-everyday ways: A 50-minute internal flight followed by a 1.5-hour boat trip through a lagoon and lush mangroves. Or a leisurely 85-minute helicopter flight. Once there, enjoy snorkelling, kayaking, crab-spotting and much more in this idyllic island paradise. Then pack a picnic and paddle across to the island’s little brother, imaginatively named Little Calala Island, a tiny islet with just one thatched umbrella.
  3. Although not the only hotel in on the island, Easter Island itself is the most remote inhabited island in the world; nearly 1300 miles away from its closest inhabited neighbour, Pitcairn Island. After your 5-hour flight from Chile, Tahiti, Santiago or Papeete, relax and enjoy freshly caught seafood in this eco-friendly all-inclusive. No visit to the island could pass without a trip to its mysterious and iconic ancient stone sculptures, known as Moai. Then rest from your excursion in open-air Jacuzzis, bar and pool.
  4. Anyone who endures this journey deserves pampering of the highest kind: a 75-minute flight, a four-hour drive passing hill-tribe villages, followed by a long-tail boat ride. That is the route one needs to take to get to this camp resort. But you won’t find these tents in your local outdoor pursuit store. Relax in a 50+ square meter luxury tent, with leather and hardwood chairs, deep bath and terrace with wooden hot tub. And the all-inclusive package isn’t typical either. It includes elephant trekking, spa treatments as well as an endless flow of top-quality food, wine and spirits.
  5. Journey to Jukkasjärvi, a small Swedish village, some 200km north of the Arctic Circle, and discover ICEHOTEL: the world-famous hotel and art exhibition made of snow and ice. It opened in 1989 and is reimagined every year, designed by artists from around the globe. Spend a night in one of its all-ice ‘Cold rooms,’ hovering between a cool -5 to -8 degrees Celsius. The less brave can choose its heated accommodation. Activities are seasonal and range from Northern Lights safaris, dog sleighing and ice sculpting; to midnight sun excursions, fishing and photography expeditions.