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Adj Someone who shows good manners, is well educated, and knows a lot about the arts.

Old and new. Light and dark. If this is your storage match, you’re now studying its forms – identifying the movements. Baroque, neoclassical, cubism… with a touch of 21st century Scandinavian.

A museum or gallery visit is often in your calendar, but when asked whether art must always be shared, your response is a polite, “no.” Because some pieces demand time. They need to be enjoyed, explored and contemplated for longer than a day pass affords.

They deserve a permanent home. Yours.

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The Cultured storage match was created using nine Como shelves. Our latest addition the Como range gives your installation a minimal look – and your items maximum attention. And durable steel means that look comes at no cost to strength. So, store heavy books, plant pots or even a marble bust of Charles de Gaulle. It comes in four on-trend colours and you can mount it as we did, or upside down.

Take a closer look

Styling advice

The home gallery wall has been popular for some time now, but the look needn’t be reserved to framed art, canvasses and photography alone. Sculptural art and collectible ceramics add depth to an otherwise plain wall.

Don’t cram

The curators in your local museum follow a few rules when displaying artwork. One is to give each piece space. This is especially true of sculpture. Give yours the breathing room they deserve – free from the shadows cast by other pieces – and watch them come to life.

The furniture effect

The floor furniture below your gallery will, by default, affect the overall look. Take them into consideration when arranging your shelves, remembering colour, size, proximity and style. Our room would have appeared different, had our antique 19th century chair been bulkier and a different colour.

It’s all yours

Unlike those curators we discussed earlier, you aren’t restricted to themes or periods in time. It’s your space. So, mix things up, pairing classical with modern for example. And asymmetrical arrangements will also add your own, personal stamp.

5 of Denmark’s must-see art museums

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  1. With more than 3000 permanent works and an impressive annual calendar of special exhibitions, concerts and lectures, Louisiana is one of the most revered centres of modern art in the country. The museum offers a feast for the senses, both inside and outside, with its location on picturesque coastline, just 40 minutes north of Copenhagen.
  2. The National Gallery or SMK (Statens Museum for Kunst) as it’s known here, holds the country’s biggest art collection, spanning the last seven centuries. The collection covers both national and international works, from grand masters like Rubens to contemporary artists and rising talent. SMK also holds one of the world’s best Matisse collections and offers guided tours, talks, workshops, concerts and much more.
  3. ARoS is one of Northern Europe’s biggest museums, with thousands of square metres spread across ten levels. And that space is well-utilised with its website boasting a collection of “…1100 paintings, 400 sculptures and installations, 200 art videos and over 7,000 drawings, photos and graphics,” from 19th century to modern day. One such installation is ‘Your Rainbow Panorama,’ a circular, rainbow-coloured, panoramic, rooftop walkway.
  4. Thorvaldsens not only houses the complete works of world-famous Danish sculptor, Bertel Thorvaldsen, but was the first public museum in Denmark, opening its doors in 1848. In addition to Thorvaldsen’s sculptures and sketches, visitors are treated to his extensive and international art collection – from his time (1770-1844) right back to Egyptian antiquity. The building itself is regarded as architectural masterpiece, and was inspired by excavations of the ancient Italian cities of Pompeii and Herculanum.
  5. One Denmark’s newest museums, opening in 1996, ARKEN’s collection of over 400 pieces, primarily focusing on works made since 1990. Artists range from up-and-coming homegrown talent to international household names, including Damien Hirst and Ai Weiwei. The striking building sits to the south of Copenhagen, offering visitors seascape views from its location on Køge Bay Beach.