Modern retro

Modern retro offers the best of both worlds. Taking inspiration from the past, classic designs are given a contemporary update, becoming more streamlined, pared-back and modern.

A woman reading while lying on the Bergamo sofa

Three key design elements of the modern retro trend

Since we have designed furniture since 1952, many of our pieces are influenced by the 1950s functionalist wave in Danish furniture design.

Warm wood

In the modern retro trend, wood furniture stands out for its nostalgic appeal, timeless esthetic and high level of durability.

Retro touches

Adding vintage-inspired accessories to your space instantly gives it a retro feel. Think playful lamps, vases, cushions and mirrors.

Clean lines

The modern retro trend favors clean lines, functional design and a focus on simplicity. Choose furniture with a timeless silhouette.

Past and present

This trend taps into a desire for heritage and nostalgia, but with a modern spin.

BoConcept has been designing furniture since 1952 and was strongly influenced by the 1950s functionalist wave in Danish furniture design, so there is a constant dialogue with the past in many of our designs.

Sideboards such as Fermo and Lugano hold strong ties with some of the first pieces designed in the 1950s.

Old black and white picture of the BoConcept founders in front of the first factory in Herning, Denmark
Our History

Timeless danish design since 1952

BoConcept has been designing, developing and producing furniture in Denmark since 1952, when Jens Ærthøj and Tage Mølholm opened a furniture factory in the small town of Herning.

Retro lover?

From the 1960’s to the 70’s, color trends transformed from psychedelic to earthy muted shades of nature with bold overtones. Rich oranges, yellows, and greens joined shag pile and corduroy to create an ambience of warmth and comfort. There was a playful element, too, with geometric shapes and mosaics imbuing a sense of movement and high energy. Today, many of us are falling for the retro 1970’s color trend all over again, incorporating tones and textures that evoke on-trend nostalgia.

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Modern dining room with round wooden Granada table, beige Princeton chairs, pendant light, and cream carpet