Modern meets organic

Organic modern design combines the simplicity and minimalism of modern design with elements of nature. The emphasis is on creating contemporary yet welcoming spaces in your home without compromising on comfort.

On a field next the beach, a woman leans on a Hauge dining chair covered in beige Lazio fabric

Three key elements of modern organic

The modern organic trend adds flow, movement and balance to your interiors. Look to organic colors, organic materials and organic shapes to emulate the trend in your home.

Neutral colors

Soft neutral colors make up the foundation of a modern organic room. Opt for shades of white, gray and brown, then add pops of brighter colors for extra warmth.

Organic materials

From wood and leather to ceramic and linen, the modern organic trend relies heavily on organic materials and natural textures to create a sense of comfort in the home.

Gentle curves

Modern organic design uses gentle curves to create a dynamic sense of movement and flow. Consider soft silhouettes, curved furniture and rounded elements.

Close-up of a textured Vivod rug with abstract design and a draped scarf on the Eden pouffe.

Organic everything

One of the characteristics of the modern organic style is the use of natural materials to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Achieve the perfect balance of the modern and the timeless by blending clean lines and smooth surfaces with organic materials and textures like leather, cotton and wool. We offer high quality fabics, leathers and tabletops, to ensure your modern organic furniture will last you a long time.