BoConcept Vancouver

Meet our Concepters

Yumi, Design Consultant, BoConcept Vancouver, Canada

Favourite design:
The fusion daybed. I really like the its design and functionality.

Favorite spot:
My living room at home because of my very comfortable sofa (the Melo) and the great view that I have!

Best tip:
Don't copy, be original.

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Joy, Design Consultant, BoConcept Vancouver, Canada

I'm inspired by:
Natural scenes, creatures on the Earth and the different lifestyles that people have. All creatures and plants on the Earth have their own way to live.

Favourite design:
My favourite design is the Cenova sofa with its loose cushions and light grey Frisco fabric. The softness of the fiber balls inside the seating cushion and the texture of the Frisco fabric always makes me feel like I am home.

I love Vancouver because:
It’s the most beautiful city in the world filled with the most amazing natural scenery I’ve seen!

Paul, Design Consultant, BoConcept Vancouver, Canada

My favourite colour:
Is green. Green objects are easy to work with and can bring a relaxed vibe to a space.

Don't be afraid to:
Add lots of accessories to create a personal touch; it's fun!

Best tip:
Don't forget the rug. It's essential and can help define your space.