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Meet the Design Consultant, Yumi Murayama

Yumi is the talented Design Consultant behind this cool Yaletown condo. She picks up most of her inspiration from travelling around the world, by reading design and fashion magazines, going out to restaurants and obviously also from social media such as Pinterest and Instagram. That said, Yumi is a firm believer that you should always be original and not simply copy what everyone else is doing. Thus, Yumi always suggests that you display the type of accessories and artwork that you yourself like in order to make your space more personal. Oh, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you find a touch of gold in her projects - it’s Yumi’s favorite color.

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A cool Yaletown condo

Our design consultant, Yumi has years of design experience and a keen eye for details. With her experience in interior design and a wide array of customizable furniture from BoConcept, she is able to deliver the results her clients are looking for.

In one of Yumi’s recent projects, she designed a stylish hotel-chic interior for a Yaletown condo. The client wanted to have space to accommodate various aspects of his life - whether it is social gatherings, alone time to enjoy the ocean scenery or family time in front of the TV. The interior has a very neutral colour palette, with the right textures and accessories it became luxurious and inviting. The client is very pleased with the layout and the hotel like interior.

Yumi is very passionate about creating interior spaces and incorporating her clients’ lives into the designs. Since every client has a different life, every project is a new challenge to Yumi; a challenge that she enjoys with open arms.

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