Close-up of a dark wood shelf with a textured vase and books, against a concrete floor

Metal parts furniture Care Guide

Metal surfaces such as hinges, joints and door frames are finished with a coating material designed to prevent rusting and discoloration. Contact with liquids may result in stains that could damage the surface and in rare cases cause rust.

To avoid this, be sure to wipe surfaces dry when they come in contact with liquids.

General care instructions for metal parts

  • Aluminum and chrome are dirt and liquid resistant. However, liquid can stain aluminum and stainless steel and may even cause rust on chrome or varnished steel surfaces that have sustained damage.

  • Wipe surfaces with a wet cloth dipped in water mixed with pH-neutral detergent and firmly wrung out. Immediately wipe with a dry cloth.

  • For more thorough cleaning, wipe chrome and stainless steel surfaces with a cloth moistened with a methylated spirit. Never use solvents.

  • Aluminum should be cleaned with a pH-neutral detergent.