Henrik Pedersen

Henrik Pedersen graduated as a fashion designer in 1990, but uses his education to explore the full range of design. His interest in math, together with his wide-ranging experience, gives him an intuitive ability to quickly gauge whether or not a new design will work.

Henrik Pedersen, designer at BoConcept looking for his next design idea

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The Danish furniture and lighting designer uses his innate sensibility to produce captivating designs, including the iconic Imola chair.

Incorporating warm minimalism

Henrik Pedersen’s designs offer a warm minimalism, with a luxury that calls to you without the needless lexicon of ornamentation and glitz. His design language is a blend of comfort, natural curves, clean lines and honest materials – honesty being one of his mantras. With the user always in focus, Henrik sacrifices his own predispositions and puts all his energy into optimizing feelings, trends, craftsmanship and functionality in a way that puts the user in focus.

As Henrik says:

“I don’t do this for money or fame. My passion is creating good products that can be used by customers around the world."

“Experience and knowledge help, but the difference lies in how you use it. Good common sense and a passion for your craft will take you far.”