With a Master's Degree in Architecture and Design, combined with many years of experience in the furniture industry, ARDE creates designs grounded in professional knowledge and made for everyday use. ARDE has a strong passion to move boundaries in the use of materials, new technology and manufacturing processes. His designs are not only beautiful, but provide maximum value for the user.

Rene Hougaard sitting and looking toward the viewer.

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Danish designer ARDE blends his homegrown minimalism with elements of the unexpected, to create designs that pique the imagination.

The epitome of architecture and design.

ARDE is the first two letters of "architect" and "designer" and the products coming from this progressive design studio merge the best of these disciplines. The esthetics of architecture in the magic touches of lead designer René Hougaard’s progressive vision ensure designs whose functionality and beauty reach the status of art.

As ARDE says:

“Furniture is art in form of functionality and beauty. When a design has art, it strikes a chord with the consumer.”