The crisp Scandinavian look

Northern light

Bring the Scandinavian look into your home with relaxed interior design, wooden accents and lots of natural light.

Use clear whites and the colours of nature to bring a sense of authenticity and tranquillity into your home. Lighter, pared-back furniture paired with muted pastels will bring freshness and a bright mood, while adding rustic dishes and vases will create a sense of nature indoors.

Wood and felt

Light wood and felt expresses the Nordic style and paired with the white clean lines of the Copenhagen, the room emanates calmness.

Soft and sharp
Let the sharp lines of a bookcase contrast the soft, rounded contours of an armchair to create a defined yet inviting interior.

White and bright
Don't be afraid to use white on white and let the furniture blend seamlessly into the walls. Pair it with living plants for a pop of green colour.

Scandinavian & Danish Furniture Designs

Bring the luxury, the sophistication and the style that comes with big city living into your home with BoConcept’s latest Scandinavian designs. The satisfying blend of warm textures and rich colours provides a luxurious backdrop and creates a dramatic atmosphere. Dream yourself back to your favourite hotel rooms or inspiring city experiences from around the world. Relax at the end of the day or surround yourself with family and friends in a sophisticated environment rich international flair. Fancy a particular design in our catalogue? Check out our furniture range and we will help you create and achieve the design of your dreams.

Scandinavian and Danish Sofas   

Scandinavian & Danish Sofas

Scandinavian and Danish Armchairs 

​Scandinavian & Danish Armchairs

Scandinavian and Danish Dining Tables

Scandinavian & Danish Dining Tables  

Scandinavian and Danish Dining Chairs 

Scandinavian & Danish Dining Chairs

Scandinavian and Danish Coffee Tables 

Scandinavian & Danish Coffee Tables

Scandinavian and Danish Sofa Beds 

Scandinavian & Danish Sofa Beds

Scandinavian and Danish TV Units 

Scandinavian & Danish TV Units

Scandinavian & Danish Desks 

Scandinavian & Danish Desks

Scandinavian & Danish Sideboards 

Scandinavian & Danish Sideboards

Scandinavian and Danish Outdoor Furniture 

Scandinavian & Danish Outdoor Furniture

Scandinavian Bookcases

Scandinavian & Danish Bookcases

Scandinavian Bedroom Furniture 

Scandinavian & Danish Bedroom Furniture

Scandinavian Side Tables 

Scandinavian & Danish Side Tables

Scandinavian Bedside Tables 

Scandinavian & Danish Bedside Tables

Scandinavian Bar Stools 

Scandinavian & Danish Bar Stools

Scandinavian Footstools 

Scandinavian & Danish Footstools

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Scandinavian & Danish Furniture by BoConcept

The Scandianvian approach to design is an incredibly tactile experience. From the sleek lines and minimanlist approach, to the unusual angles and modern look, everything about it is stylish and liveable. The look is natural, light and calm. Defined by unpainted woods, soft textures, and pops of colourful contrast to add warmth, fun and drama. It's the perfect paradix - organic and sophisticated, yet clean and grounded. Choosing new furniture pieces to renovate your home into a modern style is simple with our elegant Danish and Scandinavian furniture designs. Add a touch of sophistication to your home living style with our nordic pieces, such as a designer armchair or even a modern wall unit.

Explore a world of new Nordic designs

Each season we bring out a new collection of Scandinavian and Danish design furniture, including coordinated pieces for the living room, dining room and bedroom. Discover a range of unique Nordic designs and styles, along with exciting colours and fancy materials with our new Scandinavian designer collection. Create and customise your home living area with our Nordic style furniture. Mix and match pieces from our furniture range to coordinate a unique European style for your home interior. Whether you are seeking a new modern sofa, a functional coffee table or TV unit, we can give your home the face lift it needs.

Buy Scandinavian & Danish Furniture Online

Customise your Scandinavian and Danish furniture online with ease in our online shop and then order it directly to your home. You can also visit us in one of our furniture stores in Sydney and we will be more than happy to assist your needs. Our interior designers can guide you in choosing Scandinavian furniture to coordinate with your home living style. The delivery time is usually between 10-12 weeks.