How a small hotel in the touristy city of Athens has obtained particularly happy clients.

Tested and proved

Located at the foot of the ever-impressive Acropolis of Athens, in the Koukaki area of the Greek capital, is a boutique hotel, blending in seamlessly with the rest of the beige-coloured buildings in a quiet and tree-lined street. The hotel is called ‘Great Living Apartments’, a name which exudes a certain amount of confidence and self-assuredness. Upon launching the hotel, the owners must have felt convinced about what they were creating, and perhaps also about the power of words.

The ’great living’ part has proven to be true. At least, that is what hundreds of guests express when they pass on their review after a stay at the hotel. ‘The apartment was very cosy – loved the décor’, ‘A comfortable and spacious retreat’, ‘Probably the best deal I’ve ever booked’, ‘It offers most advantages of a hotel while adding the privileges of having your ‘own place’ etc. Looking back six years after completion it seems the hotel has proven to do something right.

A strong foundation

‘Partnering with BoConcept from the start gave us a strong foundation. BoConcept furniture is timeless, functional and value for money and it’s been key to our success over the past six years’, says Hotel Manager, Yannis Aristidou, expressing his belief in the importance of implementing durable design furniture. Aristidou is convinced that the furniture choice has had a direct influence on the fact that the hotel is always fully booked. Nikos Fokianos, BoConcept’s local partner in Athens, has been in charge of handling the project, adapting the selection of furniture with the concept idea and aligning the wishes from the owner and the interior architects. ‘We have been there to bridge aesthetics and budget’, says Fokianos.

An openness to listen

Coming back to the hotel name, it seems that, already from the start, a lot of thought went into what type of experience the hotel owners wanted to offer their guests. That kind of openness towards clients’ interests is something they share with BoConcept; the value of listening to the market and responding with something qualitative and long-lasting. ‘BoConcept’s balance of aesthetics and durability perfectly fits to our guests’ expectations. Our focus is on offering an excellent experience to our guests,’ adds Aristidou.

Charm and elegance

Set in an elegant and discrete building, the interior of the hotel corresponds with what you’re welcomed with from the outside. Toned-down bright colour shades of white, beige and sand create the backdrop of the entire hotel while blue is dotted around as an ode to the local culture. All wooden elements are kept in light hues, offering a simple Scandinavian feel.

Combining the local history with BoConcept’s aesthetics

The furnishing from BoConcept comprises dining chairs, lounge chairs, sofas and coffee tables as well as an array of accessories like cushions and ceramics, adding charm and elegance. The choice to decorate with unique art installations, books and plants enhances the overall sophistication and welcoming atmosphere. ‘The idea was to combine the local history with BoConcept’s timeless aesthetics, including natural materials, bright interiors and lounging outdoor spaces. All caried out by local interior architect, Fani Partheniou,’ says Fokianos.

Not compromising with quality and visual impact has had an immediate effect at Great Living Apartments, affirmed by the feedback from the hotel visitors. When we travel and stay somewhere away from our own homes, there is no question what a beautiful, functional and thoughtfully decorated space can evoke of positivity and excitement.

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