Scandinavian & Danish Dining Tables

Dining tables are a key factor in every household, as this is the place where all your meals take place. It is essential to have a dining table to best fit your dining room, whether you need it round or rectangular, we have a range of shapes and designs to meet your requirements. Whether you just need it for the family, or need a larger dining table to accommodate your guests, our dining tables can all be customised to suit your own personal style. Select from a variety of shapes, colours and finishes to complete the perfect look to fit well with your home décor and lifestyle. We also specialise in extendable dining tables, which includes a stylish range of materials such as glass, timber or a stunning white finish. Our modern dining furniture range offers the latest Scandinavian designs and styles. Visit us at one of our furniture stores in Sydney and our own professional interior designers would love to help you choose and customise a dining table to fit well within your dining room.

New York - Scandinavian dining table

New York Scandinavian Dining Table

Ottawa - Scandinavian dining table

Ottawa Scandinavian Dining Table

Vancouver - Danish dining table

Vancouver Danish Dining Table

Billund - Danish Dining table

Billund Danish Dining Table

Milano - Danish dining table

Milano Danish Dining Table

Milano - Scandinavian dining table

Milano Scandinavian Dining Table


Monza - Danish Dining table

Monza Danish Dining Table


Granada - Danish dining table

Granada Danish Dining Table

Torino - Scandinavian Conference Table

Torino Scandinavian Conference Table



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