Inside Stylist's Kate Sparks Home - Take 2

After updating her TV unit and dining chairs in late 2015, Kate set out to find a new sofa to finish off her stunning Scandinavian style living room. Kate was immediately drawn to our Carmo sofa – a definite favourite of stylists and designers here and around the world; the Carmo has a distinct Scandinavian aesthetic. Also up for consideration was our Fargo sofa, which Kate was considering in felt upholstery with oak legs.  


The light grey felt was an easy decision for Kate – it was the look she was after and the lux felt is 80% wool, so cosy and warm and durable enough for everyday use with her young family.  With Kate leaning towards the Carmo, we sat down at the computer so Steph, her Interior Design consultant could show her the different possibilities with different layouts in her space. We looked at layouts that fitted her space, maximised seating and offered versatility.  


Option A: A 3 seater with open ended module  


Option B: A 3 seater with ottoman 

In the end Kate opted for a modular 3 seater sofa, with an additional open ended lounge seat, combined this becomes a corner sofa with open chaise, or they can be separated into a 3 seater plus lounge chair.  


Kate already owned our Safi rug, Fermo media unit and Adelaide dining chairs, the finished look is soft, light and bright. She has added soft blush tones and with her beautiful styling the end result is stunning.  


When we visited for the photo shoot we took a tan leather ottoman to show an alternative set up. For this look we added the ottoman to the middle of the long side of the sofa, taking away one piece of the sofa. This created a more modular seating arrangement that was open on 2 sides. The combination of the tan leather and grey felt gave the room a more masculine feel, so we enhanced this with a blue and green colour accessories and a textured sheepskin throw.  




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Carmo Sofa

Fermo TV Unit

Adelaide Dining Chairs

Fusion foot stool

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Safi Rug

Duo floor lamp

Sheepskin throw

Pane Cushion (harlequin print)

Living Mirror (on wall behind dining table)

Sned table lamp (on tv unit)

Marble Clock (on wall shelf)

The moment glass art (inside bookcase)

Styling: Kate Sparks 

Photography: Jacqui Turk