Create a Nordic Designer Winter Home

Nordics have thoroughly inspired interior addicts around the world, most especially when it comes to the coldest season of the month, winter! You could go as far as saying, the interior ‘Nordic style’ has become a year round look with it’s minimal simplicity and rustic charm. The beauty of the Scandi look is that it’s all natural, classic and hence one of the more practical looks to create in your home. But if not sure where to start and need some pointers on how to create the ultimate designer Nordic, we cover 5 points to get your started.

Overall the Nordic designer look is crisp, using a pale colour palette, minimal with lots of Scandi style textures, animal skin, chunky wool, woven rattan, soft mohair blankets. BoConcept offers a large range of the classic Danish designed pieces as well as Nordic accessories that will give you oodles of inspiration for your perfect Nordic look winter home. Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty of how to go about styling your home.

1. Light, neutral, white + bright

Copenhagen bookcase

The Nordic look has originated from some of the coldest winters in the world, where during the dark months, they are exposed to a very short period of light and long periods of darkness. So the intention behind the colour palettes are to brighten, lighten and whiten quite literally to make the most of the little light they do get in winter.

To begin with, opt for white as your base wall colour – see it as a blank canvas that reflects and bounces light right across your rooms. The aim is to open up spaces by maximising light, while keeping styling simple and cosy. Likewise, the majority of your furniture should be in lighter shades, with only accents of black, grey and neutral. It’s safe to introduce some highlights of paler colour tones here and there but go for beiges, wood, pale blues and pinks or small elements of black to create some contrast. Going for some lighter coloured furniture pieces is great for opening up smaller nooks and achieving a bigger sense of space.

A highly adaptable multipurpose piece in white is the BoConcept Copenhagen Wall System featured above with touches or pale wood – all customizable to your own needs. Whether you want to hide away your clutter, display your winter trinkets, books and ornaments, this piece can do it all.


2. The Danish art of ‘hygge’ – making a home cosy

Sheepskin rug

High pile shaggy or sheepskin rugs/throws are a great way to introduce some badly needed cosiness and heat to your Nordic look home, especially during the bitter winter months, where Australians don’t have the benefit of central heating. Play around with a lush sheepskin rug thrown on the side of your armchair or over the back of your sofa To mix it up, experiment with the black and white BoConcept Sheepskin rug a nice contrasting alternative to plain white.

If perhaps you need to find a rug for a bigger area such as your living room floor, you can opt for a textural high pile rug such as the BoConcept Neat rug, which is a shaggy rug shown above in grey. Peeking your toes out of bed in winter will become more enticing once your toes touch down on this lovely soft rug!


3. Bare essential texture – wood, weave and wool

Lid Stool

Wood, straw and wool are a staple for the Nordic look and will instantly introduce hints  of warmth to your home. For wooden items, opt for blonder tones, which will make the most of any natural light in the room as well as adding a little warming colour. Bringing in wooden elements, is suggestive of a wintery log fire or a Nordic winter forest, any wooden accessories or detailing will help you bring a touch of nature indoors, which is a key focus of the Nordic look. Opt for bigger pieces with wooden detailing such as BoConcept’s Lid Stool (above), or handsomely crafted wooden baskets such as the Fading Basket (below) for that added warm feel.

Baskets are an easy way to create depth and cosiness in a room. Likewise for bed linen and bedroom accessoreis, think chunky, really textural cushions or throws – a great example is the woollen Night n’ Day throw in black, grey and white (featured here)

Night n Day throw

4. Lamp light everywhere

Main Lamp

Having the correct lighting in your home is vital for this look as it sets a warming cosy mood straight away when the wintery dark evenings come in. Opt for fabric lampshades in keeping with the warming textural look. Ideally go for a wooden base with a white or cream lampshade as this will make sure you combine warmth with brightness – a great option is the BoConcept ‘Main’ lamp in white and wood (shown above). Metal lamps are good choice too if you’re living in slightly warming climates but metals often give a cooler touch to the room. In a larger space, it’s wise to mix up 2 or 3 lamps, placing them in different corners of the room so you get a cosy bright vibe evenly dotted throughout your space.


5. Danish design statement piece

Imola Armchair

To really nail the Nordic designer look, it’s a good idea to invest in a couple of Danish designed statement furniture pieces, which will set the tone and never go out of fashion. Danish design is synonymous with beautiful organically rounded contours and shapes. Going for something like a leather or fabric armchair in the corner of a room can become a real statement piece next to a more neutral sofa or a coffee table. It’s worth investing in good quality design here, because as you’ll see they remain timeless pieces – a great example is the BoConcept Imola armchair (featured above). Try it in tan leather for added warmth and colour – the leather will only look better over time.

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