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From sleek bed designs to modern bedside tables, our bedroom furniture collection offers a stylish and elegant look like no other. The bedroom is the one place where you need to be in a relaxed environment, to wind down after a long day of work. At BoConcept, we have something for everyone, whether you like a particular theme or style, we will help you find it or even create it! Our bedroom furniture range features the latest styles and designs, as we are kept up to date with the latest in trends and fashion. Need help creating a whole new look for your bedroom? Our professional interior designers can guide you in personalising an entire new style for your bedroom, based on your particular taste and style. Come and visit us at one of our furniture stores in Sydney today and get started. You may also shop through our online store to design and customise your bedroom furniture online using our 3d design tool. All of our bedroom furniture can be customised to your specifications. We have a variety of different colours and styles to choose from, so whatever you are after, we will have an answer. 

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Create a luxurious bedroom setting with Lugano

The Lugano bedroom furniture collection features a modern bed, bedside table, and chest of drawers. These elegant Scandinavian furniture pieces can combine together to create the perfect bedroom that you have always wished for. The Lugano range can be customised specifically to your needs while adapting to your current bedroom style. 


The Lugano bed is available with or without a storage unit underneath. A plinth base offers storage or for a lighter feel without storage you can opt for legs.  The benefit of the storage unit is that it is discreetly hidden underneath as part of the bed frame. To access the storage area, simply lift the end of the bed frame up to reveal the compartment underneath. The Lugano also comes with the option of a customizable padded headboard, which you can customize in a range of fabrics or leathers to suit the look of your space.

Lugano walnut bedside table

The Lugano modern bedside table is an elegant design staying true to its Danish roots, with sloping legs and simple lines. It can be mounted onto a wall or be freestanding with a choice of either wooden or metal legs. The Lugano has a bevelled edge on the drop- down front, which acts as a handle for your fingers to open and close, giving you access to the storage compartment inside.


The Lugano chest of drawers are a beautiful Danish piece for the bedroom that come in a range of exciting finishes. It is also a nice statement piece and display area to showcase your trinkets, memorabilia on top, much like a sideboard, there's no reason you can’t make your designer chest of drawers a great visual feature in a space.

Lugano Bed | Modern Storage Bed

Dream of the perfect bedroom where you can recharge from a hard day’s work? Of course you need the perfect bed but you also need plenty of storage to keep organised so you can relax in ideal surroundings. The Lugano storage bed offers a beautiful Danish style for your bedroom. The Lugano bed is fabulous as is, or customise it to suit. Choose from a white, walnut or espresso oak veneer base with or without storage. Change your headboard with a choice of fabrics and the option to mount it higher or lower. And attach some bedside tables if you need, or leave it plain if you don’t! Complement it with a comfy mattress and some designer pendants or table lamps.

modern bed - Lugano

The Lugano Bed has beautiful mitre joints that create a smart, modern look. Highly customizable, it is available in various finishes like matte white lacquer, walnut, and espresso oak veneer. In addition to this, a selection of different headboards allows the client to choose which suits them best. In the bedroom, comfort comes hand-in-hand with organisation. It can be challenging to keep a neat place, but sleeping comfortably depends on a relatively clean and organized place. It is easier to relax and unwind when there is nothing to accidentally trip on or a chaotic mess to be distracted by. This is precisely why the Lugano bed comes with under-bed storage: this spacious hideaway helps clients save space and keep their rooms clutter-free.

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