BoConcept Dubai

Meet our concepter

Candy S. Pegarro

Favorite design:
The Hamilton chair. First of all it is so comfortable to sit in, with it's adjustable headrest, wide armrests for your arms and you can even add a matching footstool. All this while still having a truly unique design.

Don't be afraid to:
If you want something new in your interior choose furniture and accessories that really fits your needs and personality. Play around with items that you really like. A good style advice is to have contract i.e if you have leather sofa, try and choose a living chair in fabric,

My best tip:
Don't be afraid to experiment! Find what works best for your in your current situation. Have in mind that lighter interior can make a small room appear larger, whereas dark interior can make a room feel smaller and enclosing. Make the most out of your space and make those corners into more than something just wasting space.