The sofa is the hero of the living room. And you've come to the right place to find your new hero.
Fall in love with our designs or get an easy overview if you already know which size you want.
Remember, everything you see can be adapted to fit you even better.

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  • Mezzo sofa

    • luxurious lounging
    • spacious seating with stitching details on cushions
    • adjustable back cushions for extra comfort
  • Carlton sofa

    • delicate, exclusive look
    • thin seating frame with extra soft cushions
    • many options in size, shape and material
  • Madison sofa

    • electric seat and headrest motion
    • many options in shape and material
    • soft look, exquisite curved lines
  • Osaka sofa

    • ideal for small living spaces
    • pure look with beautiful details
    • choose between 2 armrests: straight or slightly inclined
  • Istra sofa

    • a design delight with delicate details
    • soft back cushions for optimized comfort
    • mix fabric and leather for a new, very stylish look
  • Fargo sofa

    • feminine, soft rounded lines
    • armrest with distinctive design detail
    • choice of seating comfort
  • Cenova sofa

    • soft, large modules
    • choice of two different back cushions
    • many options for customization
  • Indivi 2 sofa

    • contemporary, classic style
    • multiple options in size and shape
    • choice of sitting comfort
  • Carmo sofa

    • masculine, cubistic design
    • exclusive piping details
    • numerous customization options
  • Philly sofa

    • inspired by the classic designs from the 50’s and 60’s
    • ideal for both small living and lounging spaces 
    • soften the look with cushions designed especially for Philly
  • Monte sofa

    • classic, elegant 70's design
    • thick cushions for optimal seating comfort
    • ideal for small living