Our designer beds come in different colours and headboards to complement our modern bedside tables. Enjoy clever under-bed storage or spacious built-in compartments.

Beds Sydney Australia, After a long day at work, most people crave the comfort of a warm, cozy bed. You spend (or should spend!) eight hours or more a day sleeping on it, so it should be above all comfortable and functional. That being said, beds are also the centerpiece of your bedroom, so it should also be stylish and set the tone for the rest of the space. Whether you're looking for a platform bed, canopy bed or sleigh bed, there are beds out there that will complement your space. When determining size, you need to think about who will be sleeping in the bed, as well as what will fit in the space. In terms of the former, whether you’re sleeping solo or with someone else, consider your preferences and how you sleep. Do you tend to move around a lot, or do you tend to curl up and stick to one spot for the night? Height is also an important consideration: there’s a 5 inch length difference between standard full and kings. Even if a king seems like your optimal choice for sleeping, carefully measure your room to be sure it’s going to fit. You want to be able to walk comfortably around the piece and have easy access to your surrounding furnishings.

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